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For the last 2 months or so I’ve been taking poi spinning classes with Jon Dickinson of Fire Arts Academy and Fire Arts Collective. All I’ve got to say is that he’s really good… a very good teacher in a good physical space with good students and… well, if you’re going to learn to spin poi, I highly recommend him.

Here’s his recent flier. If you missed these sessions, never fear, the cycle will repeat at some point!

Fire Arts Academy is offering sessions of Poi & Staff classes in Oakland. FAA is now taking registration for poi & staff classes in Oakland starting Tuesday March 11th. Private classes in San Francisco and weekend workshops are available, please contact us or check our website.

Only $60 for our group 4-week poi or staff class in Oakland starting March 11th, which consist of four one hour lessons with the last lesson being on fire. A syllabus / study guide will be provided at the beginning of class for the students to take home and use to practice with. The class space is limited and spaces are filling up quickly.

We have packed one year of spinning experience and knowledge into two of the 4-week classes, which we amazingly can pass to you in seven lessons. Many simple drills will improve your spinning quickly.The first three classesteach the students a variety of moves, around 15 total, and techniques as they progress in skill level. The fourth class teaches the students fire safety and how to apply what they have learned to actual fire spinning, if the students feel they are ready. Everything is done according to personal comfort level. Fuel, safety, and fire poi/staff provided for the fourth lesson as needed.

Beginning Poi covers the basics: Butterfly (in most forms), Weave, Corkscrew, Windmill and many others.

Intermediate Poi covers: complex transitions changing directions, Push-Through (threading the needle), body movement with poi, wraps, and much more.

Advanced Poi covers: Double Weave, Double Push-Through, more wraps, some transitions, toss, two-handed poi, and more.

Beginning Staff covers the basics: Butterfly (in most forms), Weave, some behind the back, tossing, and more.

Intermediate Staff covers: More tossing, complex transitions, body movement, and double staff.

Price options for students:
4 week, one-hour Group Poi or Staff Class in Oakland: $60

– Private Poi or Staff Class in Oakland: $150
Private Poi or Staff Lesson in Oakland: $35/hour
Fire Poi (folded style wicks on ball chain): $40
Practice Poi: $20
Fire Staff (four inch or two inch wicks): $35 or $40

The spring class sessions starts Tuesday March 11th:
– Intermediate Staff (Series 1) 6:00pm
– Beginning Poi (Series 1) 7:00pm
– Intermediate Poi (Series 1) 8:00pm
– Beginning Poi (Series 2) 9:00pm

The next session of classes start Tuesday April 8th:

– Intermediate Staff (Series 2) 6:00pm
– Beginning Poi (Series 2) 7:00pm
– Intermediate Poi (Series 2) 8:00pm
– Beginning Poi (Series 1) 9:00pm

The next session of Oakland classes starts Tuesday May 6th:

– Beginning Staff (Series 1), 6:00pm
– Beginning Poi (Series 1), 7:00pm
– Intermediate Poi (Series 1), 8:00pm
– Advanced Poi (Series 1), 9:00pm

Classes are subject to change with notification by instructor.
Depending on which class you take, students are encouraged to come early or stay afterward to practice.

Register soon as classes are filling up quickly.
Private lessons can be arranged between student and any teacher. More classes and times might be available depending on interest. Private classes in the south bay, SF & weekend classes have started please contact us or check the website for more information. www.fireartsacademy.com

If you want to register for class, like to know more of what the classes cover and/or have any questions please contact us.

Jon Dickinson



Here is what some past and present students are

“Much funnier than yoga, but with the same sort of rewarding head space! I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to spin Zuni’s, and ultimately FIRE, with Jon from Fire Arts Collective. Always known as the graceless wonder in my family, I was finally able to awe my folks, though they are surely afraid I’ve run off and joined the circus! Jon’s teaching method is adept and kind and encourages quick advancement, and we laughed our heads off while actually getting better
— learning + fun
— you can’t beat that!” — Kelly DeMartini

“I had no idea spinning fire would be so fun and become such a part of me. Jon is patient, insightful and encouraging, accepting my tangled fumblings with easy humor and working with me until I mastered each step. I look forward to taking many other classes with the Collective. Thank you, Jon!” — Joe


  1. Derek says:

    Mmm, Poi. That’s one of those very cool things I’d love to learn to do but realistically won’t have the time for, like juggling. That is, among the things I could possibly allocate my time for, there are too many things higher on my list than poi spinning. However, that may change. Change is the only constant, you know.

    I saw Flam Chen (a Tucson based pyrotechnic theater co.) perform at Glendale Glitter & Glow, and it was mesmerizing. The rest of the world disappeared, and they transported us to another place. Well, me anyway, I don’t know about the rest of the audience. It was downright consciousness altering.

  2. Lee says:

    I decided to learn because I tried last summer at Burning Man. Trying to learn the weave took my total concentration. The rest of the world faded as I concentrated on getting the patterns down. Getting into that zone (or as just poi spinners call it, “flow”) only took 15 minutes… and it was really cool.

    I found this weave lesson online that’s pretty good. My poi are just two long socks with tennis balls in them. Try it. You’ll like it. It’s good for you. Everyone’s doing it. Come on, the first one’s free. ;-)

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