Posts de-privatized

I had accidentally marked several blog posts as “Private”. That made it so I could read them but noone else could. Here are most of those posts, de-privatized:

  1. 3,000 Gallons of Propane View
  2. More Doings View
  3. My Style of Humor View
  4. Photo Credit View
  5. SpamAssassin, CRM114, Brightmail View
  6. Each City Has It’s Own Type of Driver View
  7. Multitasking View
  8. YAGW: Yet Another Great Weekend (with a rough start) View
  9. Happy New Year! View
  10. Condoms Don’t Work Nearly As Well As You Might Have Thought View
  11. Reinstalled XP View
  12. Matrix Revolutions trailer View
  13. The Best Deadly Sin: Gluttony View
  14. A little bit about Computer Guy View
  15. Finding Ferranti View

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