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What I’m reading

Smoke Screen as Theft Deterrent

Some Good Gun Websites – An excellent guide to shooting for women… and men. – A good buying guide for female shooters. Check out the rest of the site too. – another gun buying guide  Рa good discussion forum for guns in California – The eBay of the gun world.

I was looking for a handgun that was:

  • popular (easy to find parts for)
  • relatively inexpensive
  • a grip my girlfriend could handle as well as I

Springfield XD 9 – good (and pretty) except the grip is too large. The runner-up.

Beretta 92FS – What I ended up with :-) – holsters Bay Area shooting ranges a site for the 1911 handgun

How to Download Images from Flickr

I don’t like Flickr because all the photos are … over there. They aren’t on people’s servers that can be backed up to personal archives. In time, all links to all content break.

Here’s a good way to save Flickr images back on your own computer. I tried Downloadr but it kept crashing on me.


And here is a local copy of the same (of course)

A Few Neat Things from Maker Faire 2007

I was going to do a whole write-up on Maker Faire 2007 but there’s just not enough time in a day. Here’s what I’ve got…

HatManDo – a game system where participants move their characters on the screen by moving their bodies around a grid. They wear a hat with LEDs on it that are seen by a camera high up. The creator writes “send me your comments nye2 -at- email dat com”sp_a0270.jpg.sp_a0268.jpg

Puppy Mover Monorail – geeky cuteness.sp_a0274.jpg

Make your own Handheld Animated Butterflies – by Roger Sonntag. He came in from upstate New York to show these off. It uses an electromagnet to shoot butterflies or rings up a pole. The butterflies are actually pretty neat.sp_a0277.jpgsp_a0278.jpg

Sharlotta of the Desert Belly Dance Workshop

Charlotte put on this workshop in August. It was well attended and everyone enjoyed it… even the man who learned some male belly dance moves!