I’ve been having a very good time playing with Niece Julia on Webkinz. I went out and got a Webkinz pet at a Hallmark store and we’ve been playing online. Julia has 4 webkinz pets, and several rooms and all kinds of stuff and clothing. My poor little Jason (a very well behaved Chihuahua) just has a cowboy hat and a belt that Julia gave me.



  1. Vickie says:

    Hey Lee:

    Webkinz are all the rage here. Gabby and Naomi have about 10 each! They have all the rooms and clothing etc. too! Fun to be a kid for a while isn’t it?

    Hope you’re well,


  2. Hawkpool says:

    i have 19

  3. Colton says:

    hi……I have about 50 webkinz…….I’m very spoiled…..LOL…..right now I am on my new I-phone…….e-mail me at colton1[NOSPAM]499@yahoo.com or at Yug[NOSPAM]iohman1499@yahoo.com

  4. Christie says:

    Webkins are the bomb here in FL!! I have 2 accounts and 19 Webkins!!

  5. Kali says:

    hey lee.
    I am 10 years old
    and I have 26 webkinz.

    I have 2 outfits for each of them.
    I love playing with them.
    theyre really awesome.!

  6. Lee says:

    26 Webkinz! That’s crazy! How do you get the time and food to feed them all? You must have a large farm online!

  7. jamie says:

    I have 84webkinz 8outfits for each and 10lipglosses for them how many do you have oh yea i have all of the charms Twice!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lily says:

    I have 104…2 accounts…no lie<3

  9. Debbie Rutter says:

    Update from Lee: Kids, do NOT give your username or password to strangers on the internet! The person who wrote the note below is a bad person. They want to steal your Webkins stuff from you and sell it to other people. I know this because the deal “Debbie” is proposing sounds way too good to be true. I am leaving this note on my site to show you what kind of bad people there are on the internet. I can’t stop people from posting misleading things like this on all the sites on the internet but I can educate and warn you.

    hi Im Debbie Rutter and the wife of the maker of webkinz World!! I have enery rare item and I get 2000 kinzcash a day for free! My computer is hooked up to a special program that alows to buy the rare items in the w- shop even the 10th webkinz beds!!! I can get a 10th webkinz bed for 10 kinzcash!! If you want 2,000 kinzcash a day and every rare item in the W-shop then e-mail me your username and password.
    Me and my huspan just want to make kids happy!!
    Debbie Rutter

  10. Kioksm says:

    hi, I have 2 of every webkinz and lil kinz hehehegr

  11. casey says:

    hi i have 108 webkinz

  12. pumpkinmania says:

    Hello I have 5 webkinz I love them all add me to your friends list. My username is pumpkinmania!! ADD ME PLZ!!

  13. Jaydan Lindskog (girl) says:


    I am a huge fan of webkinz i have 18 of them they are so cool.
    Webkinz are the most popular things in Lloydminster and probebly in
    the world. These are all of them:hippo,black stallion,blk/whcat,ally-
    cat,3 chihuahuas,monkey,koala,collie,germanshepherd,clydesdale,
    elephant,chocolate lab,black lab,golden retriever,pug and my favorate
    the husky.
    well,see you,#1 webkinz fan jaydan

  14. Hi
    Again its me i just wanted to give you a tip if you are thinking of
    making a new type of webkinz, my idea was to make a gecko, boxer dog and mabe a grate dane. But it’s your choise you can make it if you want it’s not like i am telling you that you got to do it, it’s just
    an idea for you. So you don’t have to do it just an idea. Because my
    cusin would love to buy a gecko webkinz. Because i am a #1 fan of
    webkinz i wanted to give you some idea’s. So take my edvice if you
    want!!!!!!!!!!!! From your #1 fan Jaydan

  15. Lee says:

    Hi Jaydan. I don’t work for Webkinz. I’m just a person that has his own web site. I think a gecko would be a great Webkinz too!

  16. heather says:

    OMG i want a webkinz so bad!

  17. c-ladd says:

    i have 91 webkinz!!

  18. Iveth says:

    i love webkinz i only have 101 im trying to get the whole collection bot in the real world that will never ever happen!

  19. Swirley sam says:

    Hey! I am 11 about to be 12. And i have 89 webkinz! well, see u later! :):):):):):):)

  20. Swirley sam says:

    Hey! I have every webkinz there is! Including the chekky cat and dog and the heart dog! c u later!

  21. Sewert says:

    hi i have 8 webkinz. seal,blk lab, gorilla,raccoon,googles,leoperd,frog and panda
    i got lots of rare items i have all ove the figures

    add me bingbong12


  22. Lee says:

    Why do people ask to be “added”? What are you trying to be added to?

  23. pumpkinmania says:

    we are trying to be added to your friends list……..OH and Lee plz talk to me!!

  24. pumpkinmania says:

    P.S my mom’s name is lee

  25. why? says:

    i have 12

  26. Jessica says:

    I love webkinz,i have 19 and my best friend has 56 and my other friend has all the new ones,and the very new ones that just came out! WOW

  27. Eisha says:

    I only have one, but that doesn’t stop me from loving him very much! I’m 16 years old, and I still enjoy playing with my little black fresian horse, Ralis. <3

  28. Margret says:

    I only have ten webzkinz. My neighbor has like all of them. I wouldn’t be able to take care of all of them. I ask for webkinz for my birthdays and stuff like that. I have the panda,alley cat,bull frog, seal, reindeer, lil white poodle, duck, hippo, pink poodle, and the hursky. My favorite is the duck. My neighbor gets a webkinz for ever stupid holliday. Well talk to u later bye.!

  29. cool person cutey says:

    hey guys im a big fan of webkinz but i onley have one for my birthday in december so if you want to be my friend my user is banditblum123 p.s. i onely have 300 dollars so please please send me some money i need it i beg of you please i need money ikf you do your my best friend.

  30. Abby says:

    i love webkinz more than any thing

  31. Hotty.Flirt.Duh says:

    Hey everyone, I have only five Webkinz but there a handfull. But its worth it!!! Add me to your friends list!!! I’m 366102011

  32. Anjirocool says:

    I have 10 Webkinz i am 8 years old LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

  33. Anjirocool says:

    I have 10 Webkinz I am 8 I LOVE THEM!

  34. Hotty.Flirt.Duh says:

    Back Again, I just got the Love Frog and it is totally awesome!!! You should get one if you don’t already have on. It’s a great Vanetines gift!!! Email me back, 366102011

  35. Hotty.Flirt.Duh says:

    Hey Guys, back again. I just wanted to say I just got a new webkinz. Its a love frog. You should get one if you don’t already have one. They make great Valentine Gifts!!! Email me back,


  36. Hotty.Flirt.Duh says:

    Hey guys, how are you doing? Please email me back!!!



  37. Dude says:

    Cool I only have 2 :(

  38. makali emily says:

    why do me and my friends go on to webkinz and
    are money and toys and things in are house
    gone me and my friends are going to stop going on webkinz
    if are stuff are geting stolen
    ok you chate my drift

  39. Lee says:

    Things shouldn’t ever go missing on Webkinz. Does anyone else know what your password is? You should change your password just in case someone is logging in and sending your gifts to other kids accounts.

  40. pumpkinmania says:

    Only my BFF knows my password. I know hers

  41. pumpkinmania says:

    This clock is off!! It’s 11:17 AM!!

  42. loverr says:

    The clock is off?how the heck do you turn the clock off?

    p.s my password is reco10

  43. loverr says:

    ugwekyYUBwIKIuW Gyukwgurpopre sorry thats my little sisgqjMSqGWMBDVgwwghevyrv sister. wjkeahJRUQWTYYGRW

  44. i have 2 webkinz and you are my webkinz that i have.

  45. Alexis says:

    omgosh,I love webkinz!!! I have 30 and I am 13!!! I absolutly love them! I want more. and all of them!

  46. kaylee says:

    hi i have 41 webkinz add me kayme78

  47. Hotty.Flirt.Duh says:

    I just got the COLLIE today. Its the cutest one yet!!

  48. Hotty.Flirt.Duh says:

    Debbie Rutter, or what ever your real name is, Do u think that we are that stupid to send you are account password and username??? Whatever you do guys don’t send anything to her. Its REALLY a bad idea…

  49. alesha says:

    i have 34 webkinz and i really want the beagle

  50. Olivia says:

    Hi I have 120 webkinx, I LOVE them!

  51. marley says:

    hey i have 9 webkinz they are so adoreibl i love dizining there rooms
    so if you want ot hang out aoon webkinz then here is my usre name

  52. Hotty.Flirt.Duh says:

    Guys, how ya doin’? Please talk to me!!!

  53. Bella says:

    You Stink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Hotty.Flirt.Duh says:

    You Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. macie says:


  56. Skyler says:

    Hey Macie A.K.A Brickmacie i added you plz say yes. I am 10 and I have 8 webkinz.

  57. Hotty.Flirt.Duh says:

    Macie, or shall I say brickmacie? I added you to mt friends list two minutes ago…see you on webkinz!! 366102011

  58. i have 35 kinz n thy r so kool !

  59. lupine says:

    hey i luv webkinz. i have 19 and my friend has 42.i just got the webkinz kangaroo,pink pony and yellow lab.i have the same webkinz as my friend.well,not every one,just a couple.i know some webkinz that are coming out.they are the:chinchilla,white tiger,fish,skunk,floppy frog,cheeky frog,and cheeky horse.e-mail back to me at bunbun9786@yahoo.com,ttyl,dude.

  60. Kaden Allen says:

    i have 16 webkinz so far and i lost one of there Secret codes and i love all of them i have the googles,Bull Frog,Lion,lil kinz black bear,polar bear,tiger,cow,seal,dalmatian,Reindeer,Pug,Gray Arabian,Racoon,Clydesdale,lil kinz Tree frog,and last but not least Lil kinz elephant.I Love Webkinz (and Lil Kinz)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. ram says:

    I love webkinz. I wish I were like C-ladd (NUBER 17) and had 91 webkinz!

  62. erica says:

    hi! i have 4 webkinz and i go on everyday i am 12 years old but its still fun i have a friend with at least 27 webkinz thats crazy!

  63. ty says:

    I Love webkinz my user name is TysonDolynny please add me to your friend list

  64. kaden says:

    i got the b&w cheeky dog

  65. hi
    im 10
    i have 23 webkinz
    add me please?
    im kittycat1945621
    (i know i have a lot of numbers.i did that to make it complicated so when i tell someone my password and i dont know who they are i say that im only saying my username one time and i say it really fast so they spend the rest of the day trying to figure it out and im still safe!)

  66. Emily says:

    Hey Lee,Remember me your friend IceePop777.If you dont then AD ME! your friend Emily

  67. Brittany says:

    Hey Lee, I have 36 Webkinz, some clothing, and some Webkinz Plus products. I am 9 years old, soon to be 10!

  68. grant says:

    I’ve only got one but he rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. grant says:

    my frst webkinz got hacked into !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Chelsea says:

    OMG! I’ve got 42 webkinz and just got the duck 2day! Happy Easter every1!! See u on webkinz!

  71. emz says:

    All thoses people that say they have like “104” webkinz are obvisiouly lieing!!!!!!!! I mean come ON people! (THERE JUST TRYING TO SHOW OFF!)

    And if you really do have that many then i geuss good for you!! :) :) ttyl

  72. emz says:

    If you don’t EVER tell people your password,… then you can’t get hacked into!

  73. emz says:

    Sadly, I only have 2 Webkinz. A Spotted Frog and a Pig. There cool though. I go to http://www.webkinz.com every day!

  74. Marcos says:

    PLZ some one give me 1 im the only kid in my school that dont have 1 can some 1 give me 1 plz???? plz give me at mcieieu@hotmail.com plz help me out. ore u can give me a… i tink its a secret-code for it plz give me 1

  75. Caroline Arias says:


  76. Caroline Arias says:


  77. emz says:

    Does anyone have a spotted frog Webkinz?

  78. Cori says:

    I love webkinz!!! I have 40, and two accounts (Elkhound and Shiba619) add me. My first webkinz was the spotted frog. He’s chubby, but ADORABLE! I’m 10yrs old. I <3 frogs, I have all 6 webkinz frogs! By the way, go on my website to check out thing about me, webkinz, and more! Go on this link to check out all the fun!

    Anyone in my grade (5th) that insult webkinz, I beat them up. (I’m very violent kid.)

  79. luke says:

    I only hav 2 webkinz(a lilkinz cow and a lilkinz chihuahua)i saw the panda!But i didnt hav enuf pocket money to buy it if you see it plz tell ME!

  80. amy says:

    i like cheese webkinz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. rug300 michelle says:

    Hi! I only have 3 Webkinz, and I just turned 10 on March 23rd. I have 2 Chihuahuas, one opened and one not opened. One called Marissa, the other not named yet. I got a Lil’ Kinz Poodle called Sunset too. And, people really shouldn’t share their passwords and usernames, or even ask for passwords and usernames like Debbie Rutters… or was it something else???

    And, if you want to add me, I am rug300. Please message me to tell me you have added me so I know to accept your request. You can message me on You Tube. I am Veggie Fries. I will not tell you my E Mail, because I am not allowed. Sorry. Sincerely, rug300

  82. Carlee says:

    I’m Carlee
    I have 43 webkinz
    they are all on the same account.
    my username is carleeroses

  83. Maegan says:

    Hey!I’m Maegan from Alabama webkinz are at the top of the chart here in Alabama that’s all we talk about.Also I have 34 webkinz now and I have 5 acounts 1 is about to expire o April the second so if you would like to check out my house and see if you like it and would like to have it for free all you have to do is meet 395maemae in webkinz world @ 4:00pm – 4:15pm my time and check it out before wendsday of April the second and I’ll let you on to look at the houe for about 5 mins if you think or have a webkinz pet that needs to be adopted just tellabout you’r self befor the second and leave you’r e-mail for me and I’ll e-mail you!Can’t wate to find an awsome owner!P.S. On that acount I have a lil kinz monkey named Bannanza and an lil kinz elephant named Ellie!

  84. Meagan says:

    Hey! me agin just so you dont think im dumb I forgot to spell check the words wendsday(wednesday),tellabout(tell about),and houe(house)sorry just remember every one makes mistakes!

  85. meagan says:

    Hey! Are you smart did you see I spelled somthing wrong this time as a joke!

  86. amy says:

    lets get back to webkinz!

  87. sam.p says:

    hi im sam and i have 3 webkinz my username is fire465

  88. sam.p says:

    i just turned 11 on march 11

  89. meagan says:

    look up @ number 83!

  90. Sophia says:

    HElloo well my realname isnt Sophia… But I am 11 and have 7 webkinz. If you would like to be my friend my username is souprponygirl. I LUV WEBKINZ!!!

  91. Sophia says:

    The real time is 8:25 pm its not 4 am!!!!

  92. sam.p says:

    im getting a new webkinz today!!!

  93. meagan says:

    hey if you cant answer #83 please tell your friends times running back i just want my pets to have a nice home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. sarah says:

    hey lee, i have 3 webkinz. i really dont want anymore because i am afraid 1 does not get as much love as th other 1. webkinz rocks. the names of my webkinz are chips,lily,and charlotte. charlotte is a horse and so is lily. and chips is a dog. well bye sarah

  95. sarah says:

    hey is anybody on

  96. Claudia says:

    Hey lee.I have 13 Webkinz.Here are there names.Dasiy,Lily,Jon,Gloria,Princess,ChocolateChip,ChubbyCheeks,BananaMonkey,Melody,Eva,Crystal,Slinky,and Mia.

  97. k says:

    i hav 40 thousand jinz cash.no jokes

  98. k says:

    i hav 40 thousand kinz cash.no joke

  99. buster410 says:

    i have 5775 kinzcash.no joke!

  100. buster410 says:

    i have 50 thosond kinzcash and only 3 webkniz! is that cool!

  101. sam says:

    i have 11,056

  102. sam says:

    i have 11,056 kinz cash

  103. megan says:

    i have a coker spainel,b&w cat,charcoal cat,husky,pink pony,elephant,2 seals,velvety elephant,duck,b&w cheeky dog,and the snake.13.

  104. sarah says:

    i have about 3000 kinz cash and only 3 webkinz

  105. beth says:

    i have 1 webkinz and 10 rooms..xxxxxxxx

  106. luke moore says:

    whos been on club penguin it is well worse than webkinz!webkinz are better than club penguin big time!!!!

  107. Katey says:

    Hi, I have 22 webkinz I have a black lab,bulldog,himylan,pink poodle,mouse,collie,turtle,penguin,elaphant,schaunzer,leopard,tiger snake,cheeky monkey,black stallion,pig,chihuahua,st. bernard,golden retriever,monkey,panda,leopard,golden retriever. Those are all newest to oldest. I hope you get this!!! :)

  108. HorseLuver says:

    Hi. I am 11 and I only own 3 webkinz:( I own the kinz horse(small horse named Barbaro), a Paint(big horse named Telly) and a Collie(big dog named Lassie). My BFF owns over 100 and it must be hard to take care of ALL of them! I know it is 2 take care of 3 for me. LOL.

    P.S. Add me. My user is barrelracing0789

    P.P.S. I know i spelt “barrel” wrong;)

  109. Kassie says:

    Hi i have 9 webkinz.I want alot more webkinz!
    they are like the coolist thing right now.
    I you can plz add me1 my username is CNV9

  110. Cheyanne says:

    I have 13 webkinz: I have the;
    1 dalmation
    2 black lab
    3 ally cat
    4 charcoal cat
    5 kangaroo
    6 lil’ kinz horse
    7 pegasus
    8 grey arabian
    9 fresian
    10 bulldog
    11 german shepard
    12 beagle
    13 clydsdale
    I love all of them and I am 12 which doent make any difference to me!

  111. cheyanne says:

    add me as a friend poniesrule210

  112. abi.hottie says:

    I have 2 webkinz,Black cat and blue hippo!!!I love my webkinz!!!

  113. breannia says:

    I have 19 webkinz.How many do you have and how old are you.I’m 10. The first 2 I got were a black cat and a reindeer and also whats your user name.Love jenna……………..

  114. Cierra says:

    i have 39.

  115. maxx says:


  116. LISA says:

    MY USERNAME IS AngelTeddyBear (ADD ME)

  117. wow I have 67 of them and u need to catch up so hurry up and catch up!


  118. loobygirl says:

    hey i have a Q 4 u. Can i wash my webkinz in the washin mashine? cause my dog got ahold of it and now it is all slimy and some of the fur is all crunchy it is kinda gross and so i dont want to have to touch that for the rest of my life. PLEEZ ANSWER

  119. hannah2 says:

    I have 23 webkinz from my birthday. also some one had broken on to my account, and left me with 45 kinz cash! and i used to have 38,934! That was unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!!

  120. hotty.flirt.duh says:


  121. Maegan says:

    Hey this is Maegan Sorry about #83 that was my cousin trying to give away my webkinzand I just found out about I yesterday but back to Webkinz go on to http://www.webkinzestore.com and check it out and tell me what you think about it okay! trust me its cool.

  122. chloe says:

    hi I have 8 webkinz and 9012 kinz cash and I get free things from the w shop evry day if you want to be like me give me your user name and password at chloestallygibson@yahoo.com AND I’M NOT KIDDING SERIOSLY

  123. Maegan says:

    do not wash webkinz in the washer but ask a parent to hand wash it!

  124. chloemay100 says:

    hi peoples!
    i’m 11 years old and i have 36 webkinz and i love them all!!!
    im working on my second crown of wounder and have 26 charms,
    these are all my webkinz: chihuahua,white terrier,black friesian,
    cheeky monkey,husky,grey arabian,duck,turtle,penguin,charcoal cat,
    clydesdale,lepoard,lepoard lizard,chicken,pink poodle,reindeer,love frog,black cat,black&white cat, whimsy dragon,raccoon,black bear,seal,
    collie,black&white cheeky dog,kangaroo,pink pony,now for my lilkinz:
    lil’horse,lil’rabbit,lil’panda,lil’golden retriever,lil’hippo,
    lil’gold&white cat,lil’unicorn,and a lil’monkey!!!!!
    see ya later,


  125. Guitar Girl says:

    hi i have around 23 webkinz they rock i sooo….. want the new ones the stiped snake….OH YEAH anyway i love webkinz my fave one i have is the b/w cheeky dog named charlie webkinz rule sooo…. lee do u have any other webkinz and if so do you want more!

  126. Courtanator says:

    Hi,I,m Only 11 And I Have 196 Webkinz! Yes, I Am SOOOOO spoiled!

  127. Courtanator says:

    Do You Want To Know My User Name And Password to my account?
    Go Ahead And Get On My Account!
    (This is not the one with most of my Webkinz)

  128. Lee says:

    Courtanator, you should never ever tell strangers your password. A bad person might steal kinzcash or stuff from you! They might log in to your account and then send a package with an expensive item to their home account. I see that you have 14,020 kinzcash.

    I changed the password you mentioned in your comment so people can’t log on. But you should change your password immediately. I don’t know who else was able to see your password before I changed it.

  129. Lee says:

    I sent an email to Courtanator but their email address bounced. I can only assume that Courtanator is a bad person and gave away the password of a friend. So I went ahead and changed the password on SHEATON’s account. SHEATON should be able to change her password with their Secret Code.

    That is seriously not nice Courtnator.

  130. kayla says:

    hi i am kayla and i am ten and i have only 9 webkinz but i am getting 6 more in a few days then i will have 15 oh my username is acedog97

  131. The Real Courtnanator!! says:

    I dont Know who I Gave My Internet Name And My BFFs Info TO! I Did NOT Post The comments above!I Would Never Betray my BFF! And I Only Have 8 Webkinz!!!

  132. The Real Courtnanator!! says:

    I feel so ashamed!! My Best Friend Might Not Ever Talk to me Again Because Of This Even If I Didnt Do IT!!!!!!

  133. The Real Courtnanator!! says:

    I Feel So Ashamed!!!

  134. The Real Courtnanator!! says:

    LEE!! HELP ME! I NEED YOUR ADVICE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Lee says:

    What is your question and WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING?

  136. The Real Courtnanator!! says:


  137. Liberty says:

    Wat the hell that Debbie person is a bad lier and can’t ever spell!
    Wats a huspan Debbie?

  138. WEBKINZROCKS says:

    Hey im confused
    does lee own the site??

  139. avery says:

    Can somebody tell
    me a secret code to make an account, I really want one

  140. chloemay100 says:

    hey guys! i have 37 webkinz and i love them all!!!!

  141. Jordan says:

    I have 200 webkinz.

  142. Ash says:

    I don’t like webkinz

  143. The Real Courtnanator!! says:

    Hey people!I just Got A Brown Cheeky Dog!

  144. The Real Courtnanator!! says:

    Ummmm….. Lee? What is your Email address? I kinda Need to send you a PRIVATE Email, so please tell me!

  145. Lee says:

    I’ll respond to The Real Courtnanator!! in email.

    I’m sorry, I’ve got to close comments on this post. This just isn’t the right place for folks to talk about their pets. I hope you all find a good place to chat.