Man Beheads Tame Hotel Duck, Ducks Outlawed

ST. PAUL, Minn.

…Scott D. Clark, a guest at the Embassy Suites Hotel in St. Paul, cornered the [ tame duck that lived in a hotel lobby’s ornamental pond ] early Saturday morning, grabbed the bird and ripped its head from its body while a hotel security guard and others watched, police said…

“He was allegedly drunk,” Wuorinen said.

Tim Shields, general counsel with the Minnesota Federated Humane Societies … said…

“I think Embassy Suites needs to take another look at this and review how they keep ducks safe, or use fish like most hotels would use,”

I just sent a fax to Mr Shields… I’m looking for Embassy Suites contact info now…

Minnesota Federated Humane Societies
Tim Shields
6613 Penn Ave. S., Ste. 100
Richfield, MN 55423
Fax: 612-861-1786

Lee C. Sonko

Mr. Shields,

I recently read your comment about the extremely unfortunate incident at the Embassy Suites Hotel in St. Paul.

“I think Embassy Suites needs to take another look at this and review how they keep ducks safe, or use fish like most hotels would use,” Shields said. (

I must assume that your remark was taken wildly out of context. I cannot comprehend what you mean by the statement as it stands. Are we to keep ducks behind bullet proof glass windows from now on for fear of snipers? The ducks in this hotel, and in many hotels around the world, have done perfectly well for countless years much to the benefit of the ducks and people that appreciate them. The only fault lies in the person that chased and killed the poor animal. He is solely to blame. Otherwise, are we to take your comment to its logical conclusion and outlaw all places where ducks and humans might interact?

It would be a terrible shame if hotels were persuaded by your comment to keep people away from animals because of this one unfortunate event, which was perpetrated by one person.

Thank you for your time,
Lee Sonko


  1. Rob says:

    I had the same thoughts when I read Mr. Shields comments. The ducks at Embassy Suites have been there for many years without incident. They aren’t roaming around the lobby getting under patrons feet; they stick to the pond area.
    My wife and I got married 5 yrs ago in St. Paul and stayed at this Embassy Suites. The ducks provide a peaceful, serene setting for the guests to sit and relax.
    Furthermore I would venture to say these ducks are far more safe at this hotel than the countless ducks, geese, etc. that get ran over on our roads.

  2. Lee says:

    If you agree, then write a letter to the hotel and the Humane Society.

  3. Lee says:

    You are such a funny boy, Mr Lee. You rock!

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