enis-Pay atch-Pay

I’ve gotten this email hundreds of times without really looking at this spam image. Could you look at it for me?


That was bugging me.

Update 3-2-08. I’m pretty sure that this post, originally titled “P[nospam]enis P[nospam]atch” has been messing with my Google rank. It appears that my Google juice is good enough such that I am one of the defacto authorities on the internet about patches for your… well, you get the idea. So Google has been serving up ads based on that assumption. I’m not terribly interested in this distinction so I’ve renamed this page.Update 3-5-08. Ah ha


  1. Free says:

    So basically, they are marketing to guys gullible enough to believe BOTH that the patch works, and that women are attracted to three-foot dongs?

  2. vereena says:

    my boyfriend tried the patch and it really re-kindled our sex life. it was like going to bed with another man.
    i couldn’t believe he grew by a staggering 7cm in length and 1.5 in width. i felt like a virgin again the first time he came near me with that thin. incredible would be an understatement. i would recommend it to anyone.

  3. Basant says:

    i want to long my penic can you sole this problam

  4. Mclovin says:

    the patch makes my enis-pay bigger , with the patch my enis-pay finily makes the 16in mark, BUT!, makes my white enis-pay turn green

  5. brianna says:

    wow wat u guys need to do is
    uhmm yea otay yea this is weird yea it is ok uhmm
    y the f r u guys talkin about enises-pay u guys should be ashmed of them selves

  6. Lee says:

    I’d just like to add that this page has become one of the most popular pages on my blog.

    Here’s the log from the last 30 days…. 200 hits a day every day.

    Except over Christmas break of course…

    That’s wacked.

  7. mad[nospam]hav says:

    Give deitail of efficacy and place of puechase..

  8. Johan says:

    I was thinking we were needing something to make us Hot, yeah Hot
    so can you tell me it on; future_ea[nospam]rth@yahoo.com

  9. Dick says:

    why cant anyone posting here type at all?

  10. cvbbinhiu says:

    why are you guys looking at this

  11. Lee says:

    More about this.
    Check this out

  12. tom says:

    my penis is so small, i am in need of an enlargment, my girlfriend wont even look at me in the eyes anymore because of its rediculously small size. PLEASE HELP

  13. Smithb393 says:

    I was very pleased to discover this website. I wanted to thank you for your time for this fantastic read!! eaakadaakbed

  14. lee says:

    Smithb393, it’s gratifying to know that after all these years, spam still begets spam.

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