As Seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel went to Maker Faire. He gave us a nice interview though all that made it to screen were a few short clips. It’s cool to note that our fire acted as endcaps to the bit. His story starts and ends with FLG fire.

jimmy3.jpg jimmy4.jpg jimmy5.jpg jimmy-kimmel.jpg

I got about 4 frames on TV. At 30 frames/second, that’s 0.166 seconds of fame.

Here is the full 6 minute long video of Jimmy Kimmel at Maker Faire 2007 as an .mp4. First aired Wednesday evening, June 13, 2007. (please don’t sue me for “rebroadcasting” this, go watch Jimmy Kimmel on TV instead)


  1. andre says:

    You’re famous!


    PS I took your suggestion for my blog and now the template puts the author’s name at the top of each post. Thanks for pointing out the possible confusion!

  2. […] Catch the whole six minute video on this site. […]

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