Win a free Sherline Lathe

Cool, my friend TJIC’s company, is offering a chance at winning a free Sherline Lathe.

Lathe giveaway details

How do you enter to win? Just rent any metalworking video from SmartFlix between today and June 10th. Every video you rent is a whole ‘nother chance to win.

This lathe is an excellent choice for clockmakers, modelers or others who work on small parts. It is easily used where space is at a premium and can be stored on a closet shelf.

…And, last but not least, it’s the lathe that got the president of SmartFlix interested in metalworking, and led him to start the company!

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  1. Hi,thought this post is dated way back 2007, thanks for the link to Smartflix.I was searching for lathe tutorial videos.

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