Power Tool Drag Races at Maker Faire or Why I live here

blown big block belt sanders

………….. nitro burning funny saws

…………………………wheel standing weed wackers

it’s racing . . . racing . . . racing

saturday and sunday . . . sunday . . . sunday at

the maker’s faire, may 19 and 20, san mateo fairgrounds.


We will be having a full, two day, power tool drag race event at the maker’s faire this may 19 and 20th.  saturday and sunday.

we are going to run it a little differently this time so that we can be more flexible with racers wandering off to see maker’s faire things, as well as just generally do it differently.

saturday is going to run on a time trial model.  racers race at random, or race their friends, or grudge matches, or really in any manner they like, and we build an ET list progressively throughout the day.  you will be assured at least 2 runs on saturday.  the goal is to get the best track time in your class.  the top x number of racers from each class will advance to sunday, where we will have the usual formal tree eliminations.  we are not sure how many will advance.
maybe 5.  maybe 10.  we need to figure out what seems reasonable to run on sunday.  then sunday sunday sunday will be the finals all day.

the classes this year will be essentially the same set up as last year.  see here:  http://www.ptdr.org/.  there will be minor tweaks to keep me and other track rail riders and side sprung drives out of the stock class, and some new restrictions on guns in the unusual designs class.  otherwise, we are not going to change much.

we have had requests to change or divide classes x, y, or z type of specific tool for a, b or c reason, relating to q, r or s person’s particular situation.  after expert review, we have decided that we are not going to go down the road of differentiating between tool types in an attempt to even out preceived “realities” about advantages or disadvantages of x, y or z tool type.  we like the rules simple and open.  this is supposed to be creative and fun.  we do not want an 80 page rule book, ala battlebots.

it was long ago suggested that the rule page should never be more than two pages long and should never proactively design racers for contestants.  we are keeping with this rule of thumb.  if you are really in this to win, nearly any starting tool can be made a contender with clever engineering.  thus we do not make detailed specifications relating to different tool types.  complaints in the line of “hey, i could never win with x type of tool like i have so you should make a separate class for my type” are only interpreted in house as confessions of lack of confidence in one’s engineering abilities.  so when in doubt, add more.  or maybe less.  sometimes it isn’t so clear.

in other news, given the nature of the maker’s faire, we are going to have to drop the sex toys class for this go around.  but we are going to keep the wide open unusual designs class, including thrust based entries.  we have a clearable space to allow these to run without great risk to life and limb

we are also gong to add a power tool jumping event.  essentially a curved ski jump ramp at the end of the track, with a tin trash can standing upright 30 or so feet away.  the goal is exit the ramp at a speed appropriate to swoosh your tool into the trash can.  winners get some prize.  winners and losers both get lots of broken parts to contend with.

we are still getting the registration site set up, but will send you a note on this soon.  each entry will get weekend passes to the maker’s faire included.  prizes will include entry money and maker’s faire related prizes, to the degree we get them in the end.  we are trying for some actually valuable in kind prizes this time.  especially for the fastest speed of the event.

and no, i’m not disqualifying Jim Mason at the outset on mere principle . . .

vroom vroom.

charlie gadeken

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