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FLG Hands on Fire

I posted this recently to the FLG Lipstick List and FLG blog.

Girl we’re busy! Here’s a lot of the work we’ve sunk our teeth into. A lot of what’s below is still tentative but you still deserve to know about it!

A Spring Fundraiser – We’re working on having a party sometime soon.

Calendar: at the Fundraiser, you’ll finally get to see the FLG Calendar. Here’s a little taste…

Stanford Class – Some time in April we’ll be speaking to a group from a class at Stanford.. (

Yuri’s Night – We might have some flaming art at Yuri’s Night ( on April 13th (not confirmed yet)

Arts on Fire – We’ll likely have some more flaming art at Arts on Fire in Pacifica at the end of April

Coachella – More with the flaming art (do you sense a pattern?) at Coachella on April 27th ( also not totally confirmed but whew!

Maker Faire – We’ll probably have a booth at the Maker Faire in San Mateo May 19-20 showing people how to make…. … … what’s the opposite of non-flaming art?

Then of course there’s the Serpent Mother which should be making an amazing return to the Black Rock Desert at Burning Man 2007! We’ve got such plans for her and her egg!

More with the unconfirmed dates is a trip to Amsterdam and Robodock at the end of September!!

And lastly, a proposal of ours has made it past the first cut for a grant from the Creative Work Fund (

And the summer hasn’t even started yet.

Pooping Hats

Pooping HatsI’ve got this crazy painting that was given to me by Vickie from Oakland… At first I just liked it because it had pretty lines and I didn’t really give it that much thought. Then it was pointed out to me by Charlotte that the woman is pooping hats. I love it now! She looks so happy… pooping hats. Or maybe, it’s been hypothesised over breakfast, she is spontaneously giving birth to hats out the backside while having sex with the one in front… or…. It’s a very curious image and I totally love it.

Serpent Mother

The Flaming Lotus Girls submitted our proposal to Burning Man for this year’s project! We are refining the Serpent Mother. She is going to be totally sweet.

To see more, view the Serpent Mother 2007 Proposal

The proposal itself has a lot of sexy art. Here are the Serpent Mother Proposal Credits



“Janky” is a favorite word of Rbca, my Flaming Lotus Girl friend.

Wiktionary gives its meaning as “1. (slang) of poor quality; untrustworthy”


Let’s say you have to lift a 1 ton sculpture onto the roof of a shipping container but your forklift can’t lift it quite high enough (and it doesn’t have brakes but that’s another matter entirely). It would be a janky setup if you lifted the piece onto a card table with the forklift and then lifted the card table up into the air.

I present the photo that belongs next to the definition, lifted straight out of the most recent Harbor Freight catalog.

Great Barbeque in San Francisco

Johnson’s Arkansas Barbeque

Johnson's Barbeque

2646 San Bruno Ave
San Francisco, CA  94134

Really good barbeque!


Here are (in no particular order) links to the web sites of many of my friends.

Shameless Heather
Warren – Committed heart and soul to his insane desires, he earns my highest respect.
Lukas W. Sullivan – AKA Spanks T. Clown
Rosa Carson
Homeport – a very very good place.
Travis James Ignatius Corcoran
KathyPhrog – a fantastic human bean and Daaaark Hobling!
Shara Zoll – my friend and ex-housemate!
Mitchell Gross – a good person.
Eric Berntson – on the short list. You should check out the artwork on his site.
Tom Limoncelli – Tom Limoncelli
My sister

PS. Sorry about the song playing in the background (if you’re running IE, that is. If not, feel free to annoy yourself by playing the background music) I can’t recall hearing this on the radio in the past 10 or 15 years (it came out in ’84) but I just can’t get it out of my head! It’s been floating around in my subconscious mind for years. All that anyone has to do is say the word “friends” in the right tone of voice and the little evil bastard in my head sticks this track on REPEAT PLAY 999. I figure that if enough people come to this site and hear the song, I’ll get it out of my head and into the collective unconscious. So there.

Update 10-1-04 I am happy to report that putting the song on my web page has been a success! I haven’t gotten it stuck in my head for a good long while. As a pre-emptive measure against future bouts of this song, I’m going to leave it online.

A long time ago, I ran a Guestbook. It has since been replaced by blogs and such but I thought you might like to take a peek at my old Guestbook