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I got this email just today. You might be interested. It’s a movie casting call in Boston. Warren is a friend of mine. This is his second film. His first was certainly completely odd… think Toxic Avenger. It looks like his second is shooting for oddness as well. Though more polished (maybe). With luck, think Evil Dead….

Straight to DVD feature B horror comedy “Snurg Hunter”, budget $150,000, shooting this summer (July-Sept) 2007 in greater Boston. We have guaranteed distribution via our last feature “Pony Trouble”, and so when finished, “Snurg Hunter” will be in stores nationally and internationally. Hopefully with your name in the credits :)

We’ll start open auditions some time in February, and we’re gathering resumes and headshots now. Send your headshot and resume, CV or a list of your experience to warrenlynch@gmail.com along with some detail on your availibility for screen tests and callbacks in February and your contact info. I or one of the producers will get back to you in a few weeks to set up a screen test.

Please put SNURG in the subject line of your email.

Requirements for main roles:
-you must be free for 40+ non-flexible hours a week for 8-12 weeks from July 1st to August 30th and possibly into September. All actors will have several scattered days off within this time. The smaller the part, the more days off. Pay is up front by the week.
-you must live in or have transportation to the Boston area. We can pay for all your gas within reason, but not for out of state commutes unless you’re already famous :)
-you must commit to 2-8 weeks of rehearsals and character study before shooting, with flexible hours mostly nights and weekends, some time between April and June.
-you need to be able to come back to the sound studio some time in the fall and do ADR for a few hours.

For minor roles:
-you must be free for 3-20 total hours in the 8-12 weeks from July 1st to August 30th and possibly into September. Pay is up front by the week.
-you must live in or have transportation to the Boston area. We can pay for all your gas within reason, but not for out of state commutes unless you’re already famous :)

Plot summary:
Alienated teenager Brandi leads her nerdy friends in a chainsaw battle against insidious Snurgs at a sleepy private school. Decapitations galore!

Please have a memorized monologue prepared from some previous role you have done from film, screen or stage. Although this is a completely absurd comedy about insane people, all the characters are going to be played completely straight and not intentionally campy or tongue in cheek. So a dramatic monologue will serve just as well as a comedic one. Although if you have both, that’s even better :)

The following actors must have solid stage fighting/film fighting/martial arts or dance experience: BRANDI, EMILY, ASTRID, HATULA, ZOR, APATHY, GERYON
The following actors should at least be in decent physical condition and not accident-prone, as some fighting scenes are required: NICKY, PRISTINE, PETER, NORMAN.
The NICKY actor can be overweight, but none of the others above may.
These parts have no fighting: WANKY, VASILIOS, MIKE, all minor parts.

This part requires implied nudity in a large number of scenes: PRISTINE
These parts require implied nudity in one scene: BRANDI, PETER, NORMAN
These parts require scantily clad moments: HATULA, LAUREN, CUSTOMER, VASILIOS
All other parts are highly modest in dress.

These parts require the ability to play 2 distinct characters at different times, thus appearing “possessed”: EMILY, NICKY, ASTRID, PETER

BRANDI: main lead. F 18-25, tall, muscular, good looking to play nerdy tomboy farm girl. Must have excellent professional attitude, superior acting skills and be the most easy and pleasant to work with of all, as you are in almost every scene. Should have “star ambition” without “star ego”. Numerous pratfalls and scantily clad scenes, and sparse implied nudity in love scenes.

PRISTINE: main antagonist. F 18-25, smaller than BRANDI. Must have or be able to mimic flawlessly a Midwestern accent a la Hillary Clinton or Fargo. Must have the chops to play a comedy villain whose character gets picked on without taking it personally. Copious implied nudity and comedic nuance required. This is perhaps the funniest character.

PETER: male lead, main love interest. M 18-27, highly good looking. To play a highly shallow, somewhat dimwitted fashion victim who spends a good portion of the movie possessed by 2 different entities, GERYON, an armored alien, and the FRIEND, an artificial intelligence. Some implied nudity in love scenes. New York accent a bonus.

NICKY: F 18-25. Brandi’s extremely nerdy best friend and sidekick.

EMILY: F 18-27, probably blonde. A spirited and somewhat flighty Mormon girl who spends 80% of the story possessed by a futuristic entity called THE PALADIN. Utah accent and goody two-shoes acting skills a big plus.

NORMAN: M 30-60, black or other person of color to play half-black native american. Crotchety, foul mouthed and quirky. One implied nudity scene.

ASTRID: F 18-27, somewhat thin to play German exchange student who gets possessed by a ninja spy being. german, dutch, austrian or similar accent must be flawless.

WANKY: M 18-25, any appearance. Extreme nerd.

HATULA: F 18-35, in good physical shape to play sadistic alien warrior Snurg. Lots of running around in a metal bikini required.

ZOR: M 18-50, older than Hatula, thick beard, in good physical shape to play sadistic interdimensional veteran warrior Snurg who sprays webs and eats people.

GERYON: M 18-40, foppish spastic megalomaniac and psychotic leader of the Snurgs.

VASILIOS: M 30-50, mediterranean look to play Greek, Balkan or Middle Eastern pizza place owner. Accent skills a must.

MIKE: M 35-50, to play abusive alcoholic redneck.

APATHY: either gender, any age 18+, muscular, to run around in a heavy costume “eating people” and the like as a giant metal alien.

MINOR SPEAKING ROLES: Lauren, Steve, Customer, Cop, Campus Cops 1-3, Dorm Girls 1-2, Administration Lady, Humanities teacher

NAMED NON SPEAKING ROLES: Lunch lady, groundskeeper, dean, celebrity, Jesus, Mary Magdalene.

EXTRA ROLES: Students, teachers, zombies, drelbs, space marines, carnivorous santa clauses

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