Spam Business Plan

How would it feel to run a business that writes wacked-out poetry and sends it to millions of people?

Apparently, Ruben Boor knows.
Go ahead and read the whole thing.

From: Ruben Boor
Subject: Re: at wateh

Best S r elli f ng W u atc f hes :
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Han t dba b gs & Pu q rse z s

Nec z kt l ies

T w IFFA f NY & CO J m ewe a rly

Pen x s

Or b de i r T z ODA h Y and sa c ve 25 % http://twof[nospam]



shore and opened. Groans came from inside, and out crept a most unhappy
dwarf. Wet straw was in his draggled beard; he was so sore and stiff, so
bruised and buffeted he could hardly stand or stumble through the
shallow water to lie groaning on the shore. He had a famished and a
savage look like a dog that has been chained and forgotten in a kennel
for a week. It was Thorin, but you could only have told it by his golden

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