Geo at the Box Shop

Last night at the Box Shop, I saw a blue shirt that made me think a bit. It read “Permabit” across the left breast. I thought, “That’s nice. I’ve heard of that company. They don’t exist anymore, do they? Now why exactly do I know that company? Hmm. I don’t know. Oh well, I’ll get back to helping to take photos…”

About an hour later, a guy in a blue shirt looked at me and said, “HEY! Lee! How are you?!”

[blank stare] “How do I know you?”

“It’s Geo!”

We talked for a while. Yes, he’s gotten the all the occational emails and phone messages I’ve sent over the last year. He’s just been too busy to get back to me. He looks TOTALLY different. Crazy chin scruff, weirdly sticking-up hair (he said he had been windboarding or something all day), and uber-cool shades.

The photo session went great. I’ll show you my pix shortly.

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  1. powerfrau says:

    SO the shoot went well? Can’t wait to see….

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