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Intelligent questions beg intelligent answers

This from an email that I decided not to send to a friend

Thank you for writing an intelligent reply to my question.

I’m not referring to you at all in saying that I find it terribly frustrating when when a question in the middle of a conversation is deliberately not addressed.

And I find it a pleasure to deal with people that -do- maintain the conversation.

(unfinished Rant)

Video from East Bay Rats Fight Night

On April 8th I went to Nimby for the East Bay Rats Fight Party. It was intense.

Here is a video with footage from last year’s night promoting this one. I’ve got some pretty wild videos from my camera but the production isn’t nearly as good as this.

Yes. This is really what it was like.

East Bay Rats Fight Night promo from 2005 (33MB)

Which picture?

Which picture should I choose for the FLG calendar?

Kel Tec SU-16 tight takedown pin fix

If you have a Kel Tec SU-16, you might love it except for one little detail… The takedown pin in the handle is so tight that you need a tool to insert or remove it. I found a great hack on what to do about this.

You can replace the takedown pin with a 1/4″ hitch pin from a hardware store. It works peachy keen. The pin stays in perfectly and is easy to remove by pulling on the attached ring. (Source)

Story Spine

Improv games from my Improv class at BATS with Rebecca Stockley

Once upon a time…
Every day…
But one day…
Because of that…
Because of that…
Because of that…
Until Finally…
Ever since that time…
The moral of the story is…

Building Big Art

what I’m working on now with the Flaming Lotus Girls
Serpent Mother

I helped build this last year with Zachary Coffin and Corbett Griffith

What the Flaming Lotus Girls worked on last year
Angel of the Apocalypse

And the year before…
Hand of God

And the year before…
The Seven Sisters