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Catalog your books by ISBN and discuss them on

Reminds me of Bookcrossing

Donated to Alex King

I donated a few dollars to Alex King for some of his WordPress plugins that I like using so much.

Read the back of your ticket

In life, read the back of your ticket.

What I got on Today

Items not yet shipped:
Delivery estimate: April 6, 2006 – April 10, 2006

* 1 of: Breaking the Spell : Religion as a Natural Phenomenon – for my discussion with TJIC
* 1 of: The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster – all proceeds go toward the purchase of a missionary pirate ship
* 1 of: The Morrow Guide to Knots – a present for a friend
* 1 of: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – The Movie – a present for me
* 1 of: Canon Powershot A610 5MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom – because pictures are good
* 1 of: Shall We Dance? (Full Screen Edition) – a present for a friend at the office (M.S.)
* 1 of: SanDisk SDSDB-1024-A10 1 GB Secure Digital Card – more with the pictures

I flew

For the first time in forever, I flew. The Zagi flew very roughly by my unpracticed hands, with new flimsy winglets (some tape will fix that), some exposed wiring and flapping skin, new coroplast elevons, and with high and gusty winds. But I flew :-)

I can drive to the park, fly 2 batteries and bop into 7-11 for some sandwiches in under an hour. :-)

Pirate Riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex

Dearest Lazyweb,

I have no graphic arts artistic talent at all. Would someone that -does- have some please contact me about drawing a pirate riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It is for a good cause and if it takes more than 5 minutes to draw, we’re doing it wrong.