I flew

For the first time in forever, I flew. The Zagi flew very roughly by my unpracticed hands, with new flimsy winglets (some tape will fix that), some exposed wiring and flapping skin, new coroplast elevons, and with high and gusty winds. But I flew :-)

I can drive to the park, fly 2 batteries and bop into 7-11 for some sandwiches in under an hour. :-)


  1. Frauess says:

    YAY…airborn is so nice–I prefer it with the helicopter doors open, inviting me into the lucious landscape…

  2. WTL says:

    Oh! Flying is so much fun!

    Someday, I’ll get back to that. Enjoy!

  3. RC Airplanes Guide says:

    Well Congrats Lee. Flying is what make it all worth while.

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