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Earthquake #2

“It felt like a big truck drove by, only everything wobbled the wrong way.” Charlotte

There was a 3.7 in Berkeley that lasted just 1 second. Charlotte and I were having dinner. It was a bit unnerving being so short. It felt like we were waiting for the other shoe to fall for a minute or two.

Setting up the Hed

Charlotte and I helped put the the Hed of the Angel of the Apocalypse on display in a yard at 354 5th St in SOMA. It was really fun getting together with the Girls. :-)

Top Weirdest Web Sites that are Fun!

Tune in, drop out and go to these sites…

Top Weirdest Web Sites that are Fun!

Lost your comment??

If you tried to submit a comment on the site recently and my spam filter said there was a problem, then I didn’t see your message. I know that I wrote “blah blah… don’t sweat it…” but feh, I missed it.



Sometimes I wonder where the time goes. So it’s good to write it down just to remind yourself that you’ve actually accomplished something. In the last week or so I (with Charlotte!)….

went to 2 of 3 bookkeeping classes (final one is next week)
went to “How to be a good speaker” class (sucked)
went to “what form of company should you have” (LLC, duh)
made mustard bread (yum!), oatmeal bread (yum!)
get quotes for FLG calendar to be sold shortly
Went to boxshop to paint lockers & fix welder
set up paypal thingie for FLG calendar
set up more shelves
put up some pictures
found and explored Mission Cliffs, an indoor rock climbing place
went to a great dinner at Universal Cafe (Thanks mom!!)
spent quality time with Charlotte
researched corporate structures
learned and implemented wiki stuff
helped my aunt get her computer fixed (a dead motherboard :-( )
went for some nice walks
surfed the darpanet
researched software backup products for the business
Took an ICS (Incident Command System) certificate class
bought christmas presents for family
researched stud finders (unsuccessfully, hurumph)
set up an email mailing list for FLG calendar group
set up FTP services for FLG
talked with Dorothy, Beaner, my sister, mom and dad

am going tango dancing in 15 min

Dear Lazyweb: looking for a good stud finder

I’ve been roaming around the interwebs looking for solid recommendations for a good stud finder. For every recommendation for a particular model, I read 2 recommendations against.

Other recommendations I’ve seen (via)

Mechanical Stud Finder from Garrett Wade

a magnet on a short string finds the nails

Metal detector like the Little Wizard metal detector

a magnet-thing in a case kind of like a compass finds the nails

ice pick – the hole is smaller than a nail hole

Since I want to avoid hammering into water pipes and electrical wiring while hitting wood or metal studs, maybe the best would be a metal detector and current sensor. I’m just amazed at how poorly the electronic stud finders are rated. Hurumph.