Installed Brian’s Latest Comments

Aren’t they pretty.


How to use

The plugin gives you a function called blc_latest_comment.
The simplest way of using it is to add this to your blog:

<ul class="latestactivity">
<?php blc_latest_comments(); ?>

However, it does offer a bit of customizability.
The arguments the function accepts are these:

blc_latest_comments(number of posts, number of commenters per post, hide track/pingbacks, prefix, postfix, fade_old, range_in_days, newest_color, oldest_color)

Number of posts
The number of posts you want in the list. Default is 5.
Number of commenters per post
How many names you want to show under each post. Default is 6.
Hide track/pingbacks
Whether or not to hide pingbacks and trackbacks. Default is false.
Prefix and postfix
These are wrapped around each post and list of commenters. Default is <li> and </li>.
Fade old
Whether to use comment temperatures. Default is true.
Range in days
The number of days it takes for a comment to fade from the newest color to the oldest color. Default is 10 days.
New color
The color of a completely new post. The default is a dark gray.
Old color
The color of a post that is as old or older than the number of days given by the “range in days” argument. Default is light gray.

If you have Dunstan’s Time Since installed, the links will have the title=”” attribute set to a time since message.

If not, there is no title.

How to change the look

The way I achieve the look I have on my Activity on the right hand side, is by adding this CSS to wp-layout.css:

.latestactivity small
display: block;
margin: 0px;

margin-left: 10px;
font-size: 94%;

Bugs and limitations

  • It seems that it only works with MySQL 3.x, not MySQL 4.x. This will be mended soon.
  • Has been tested successfully with MySQL 3.23 and MySQL 4.0.21

I think that’s about it. Happy latest commenting.

One Comment

  1. Lee says:

    Updated to 1.5.10. It fixes the Time Since problem. New comments would say things like “Posted -1 year, 12 months ago”.

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