Hide and seek over the internet

I just spent the last hour playing with my niece Julia. That wouldn’t be too remarkable except for the games that we played and the distance over which we play them. Julia still can’t be convinced that I can’t see her when she can see me on my webcam. I had originally purchased two webcams but one has gone missing; we haven’t done too terribly, making due while the new one is being shipped. The first game that Julia wanted to play was Hide and Seek. Being the closed minded person I am, I had a very hard time imagining how we would play… seeing as how I am “stuck in the computer” and I can’t see her.

That didn’t stop her for a single second. She even berated me a little bit for not hiding after she had counted to 15! (why 15? I think that’s as high as she goes)

What a joy she is!

Things that you didn’t know you could do over the internet but you can with a 4 year old:

  • paint toenails
  • play (real) hide and seek
  • dance
  • stand on your head
  • play Max and Ruby Dress Up
  • go skiing with the cast of The Backyardigans
  • have a really really fun time


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