Google Talk, Skype and internet telephony

Long story short:

If you use Skype, call me, username: gadlen (I have Skype voicemail)
If you use Google Talk, call me, leeatleedotorg

If I don’t seem to be online, ping me on AIM, u:gadlen or by phone. I sometimes turn off my instant message & talk clients to save on RAM for intensive tasks.


I’ve been using Google Talk for 2 weeks now, talking on the phone/computer with my sister fer free. The sound quality kicks and it’s hard to beat the price. (free)

TJIC says that my Skype-Out call to him sounded “like a good cell phone”.

My Google Talk –> Google Talk conversations with my sister sound much better than a telephone.

I got the free crippleware version of Total Recorder to make recordings of some Skype calls. The sound quality was “pretty good” (and definitely adequate) but there was some weird static on the recording.

I’ve been mooching off my housemate’s phone so I’ve been using Nobelcom calling cards. For most calls to New Jersey there is a terribly frustrating echo on the line… I hear my own words a 1/4 second after I say them. All other calls sound peachy

I might have to go buy cordless computer headsets for all my friends and family for Christmas.

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