Bike buying stupidity

In 2003, Gary Fisher Bikes offered about 40 different bicycle models. Most available in 4 different frame sizes. In 2004, the line was about 20% different with 43 bikes offered. In 2005, they are offering 58 different basic models; 1/3 of their line has completely changed since last year.

It should be noted that they ONLY sell mountain bikes

Gimme a break with all this marketing crapola. I know that it’s all about going into a store and having the salesman put you in the bike that is “for you”. It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that allows you to plunk down three grand on a bike.

Of course, it’s all big business… If they sell one of every bike they make per year, there’s (58*4*$2000) $5 million dollars in retail sales.

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