Not the Computer Guy

I’m not The Computer Guy anymore. I just sold the business to a guy in the neighborhood who is doing the same kind of thing that I was. He didn’t have nearly as many clients as I did, but now he does.

It was really a bit of shocking news when I was standing there at his place; I had just signed a contract and was looking at the check he gave me. It suddenly dawned on me that if one of my clients called me tomorrow, I would have to refer to them to Charlie. I didn’t have any clients. I’m not The Computer Guy.

This is an official demarcation point in my life.


  1. WTL says:

    Good luck, Lee!

  2. vickie says:

    I know this must seem so scary Lee. Being the “Computer Guy” has been your identity
    for so long, but hold on kid, because even greater things await you!!
    You have “it”! You will be more than okay! I promise.

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