Dead Hard Drive AHHHH!

I got sloppy and….
Partition Magic ate my hard drive! AAAHHHH! My last backup is from March 6th! AHHHH!

Oh please oh please let me be able to recover everything alright.

The first couple rounds of recovery tools haven’t gotten me going yet.

  • Windows Recovery Console – can’t read C:
  • Spinrite – clean bill of health
  • Chkdsk – (at the suggestion of some website (I’ve got error #1518) has been at it for an hour now with another hour or three to go. I’m terrified that it’s doing more damage than good.
  • Ontrack EasyRecovery Pro – next up. (though it’ll be a bother to set up because it needs a working PC with a bad secondary drive to work from and I don’t have a SATA controller in the PC that’s still working)

If anyone could throw me some good juju right now, I’d appreciate it!

update: The influx of juju is having an effect! She’s booting up again! Woot! A 1 hr long Chkdsk did it. Right now, it won’t boot in Safe Mode but it will boot in normal mode. TIME FOR A BACKUP AND REINSTALL!

All this came about because I was trying to repartition my C: drive… It’s a 150 gig drive. With the 137 gigabyte limit, I had a 130 gig partition and an unallocated partition. I was trying to make two 75 gig partitions. Partition Magic burped on me during the resizing operation.

Once again, thank you, universe, for that extra bit of juju just when I needed it.

another update: This is just a side comment. 200 gigabytes sure takes a long time to move! While I watch the progress bar go from 18.001% to 18.002%, I’m contemplating how much information 200 gig is. Multiply it by 8 and you realize that my little desktop computer is moving 1.6 trillion pieces of data… trillion with a “T”. That’s 1.6*1012 bits of data! Just for giggles, I should note that the data transfer has so far gone perfectly. That means the system is at least 99.999999999% accurate.

Ok, enough gee-whizzing for today. Back to it!

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