10 year reunion

A friend is having trouble deciding whether or not to go to her 10 year college reuinion. She said that she didn’t have any friends in her class year and wasn’t pleased with her career path. Here’s my comment back to her

I hardly realized that I missed my 10 year reunion, and I’m none the worse for it. I can only name a handful of friends from college and I keep track of most of them.

Last year, I went to a reunion of a middle school group… it was terrific. I’m so glad I went. I was initially bothered that careerwise, I was just starting a tiny little business while the other people were… let’s see, working for the US Patent Office, a Washington lawyer, making computers understand speech, teaching high-level math in college, “on a break” from working at the U.N. and other worldly pursuits. But they saw my situation differently. They saw me as independent and gutsy. And we all had a good time talking about the various paths we’ve taken. Most important was that being with these really old friends was touching an important part of my past. That felt really good.

So, as far as your 10 year reunion… If there’s no one you’d care to see, then don’t go. You’ll just get that many more mailers from the school, begging for money for a new building or something; whatever it is, it won’t make any personal connection. That’s what’s important.

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