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Go to these websites, type in your name and they’ll tell you if there are any state “unclaimed monies” due to you. My friend Jen saw that I was owed money by the University of Massachusetts and gave me a call. I haven’t actually be able to claim the money yet but, yes, it’s totally legit.

National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators

update 3-18-05: Yup, the University of Massachusetts owes me about $600. I just have to provide my current address at the time. Ack! I don’t remember the exact address so I’m asking some MA friends if they can help out.

update 9-10-14: It turned out that the money owed was because the registrar didn’t know to apply a payment to a class I took way back in the ’90’s. So they turned the check over to the state. This actually turned out to be useful because it helped me deduce why I couldn’t get my transcript from them when applying to grad school! The State of Massachusetts owed me $653 and University of Massachusetts wanted $653 before they’d release my transcript. We sorted it all out.

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  1. lee says:

    The saga of UMass owing me money is STILL going on! But I might have it licked in a few weeks.

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