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Moving to the Bay Area May 15th

I haven’t been happy in Hackettstown these past two years. On or about May 15th, I’m moving to the Bay Area.

I’m starting to look for employment and housing out there now. If you have any ideas or leads or just want to talk to me before I make this plunge, then gimme a buzz!

I’m not moving for a job or family or any necessity. I’m moving in a bid for happiness. Wish me luck.

I’m focusing my housing and employment around Oakland and Berkeley. While I have 15 years computer and Software Quality Assurance experience, I’m not tied to that field. Maybe I’ll flip burgers, maybe work in a hospital, maybe design space elevators. I don’t know. It’s pretty exciting though, don’t you think?

update: I’ve pushed the date back to June 7th.

Finished Half Life 2

I just finished Half Life 2. What a huge huge sprawling insanely detailed game. It was more of a world than a game.

Vault of Heaven Burning Man Screen Saver!

The 2004 Vault of Heaven Burning Man Screen Saver so lovingly created by Scorch at the Burning Man Screen Saver Project has been released! Scorch graciously mailed beautiful CDs jam packed with thousands of pictures to all 50 or so of the contributors like myself.

It’s available on the official Screen Saver Project page. It was available as a .torrent file here for several months.

It’s currently (8-24-05) available as a direct download from my site:
Windows direct download – R rated Vault of Heaven Screen Saver

Here’s the Readme from the Screen Saver Project CD.

You’ll find the PG rated version of the screen saver (no boobies etc… though you’ll have to be the judge if it’s “work-safe”) on the official site. You’ll find the R rated version (the good version) both on my site and the official site.

On the playa, I go by ‘Nector (as in ‘Connector’) and working on the Colossus project, they called me “Grinder”. See you in the dust!

Don’t know what Bittorrent is? It’s a great, free, popular, easy to use program for downloading large files. Just go to the website, download and install the program. Then come back here and click on one of those “.torrent” links. You’ll find gazillions of other big files to download at websites like (entire television episodes and such) and etree (music). There are a zillion other sites out there. Try Googling for the word “torrent” and your favorite subject!

How does Bittorrent work? Everyone who is downloading the file is also uploading the bits of the file that they already have to other folks. So the more people that are downloading, the more capacity there is. It is considered a generous thing if you leave your Bittorrent client running after you’ve downloaded your file; that will help others download the file quicker.

I might also mention that there are many Bittorrent clients that work very well but my favorite right now is Azureus.

Pony Trouble

George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, Peter Jackson, eat your hearts out. No, really. Thrust your hands between your ribs, grasp your beating hearts, pull them out, and eat them.

This from Warren’s movie’s web site, Pony

Currently in production, Pony Trouble is Warren Lynch’s feature length fantasy/comedy/horror movie about a group of adult toy fetishists who take their fantasy game a little too far…

Pony Trouble is an independent movie, shot entirely in Boston and edited at Music Lane Studios with music supplied by daisycutter and Freezepop. Pony Trouble’s expected release date is June 2005, so join our mailing list for advance screening information!

I’ve seen the demo and I know Warren well. This fantasy/comedy/horror movie has great cult potential.

Babylon 5 SVHS

I was a huge Babylon 5 fan. I loved everything about it, most notably what a wonderfully consistant universe JMS had created.

I went a little nutty when it came to getting this favorite show of mine. I went out and bought a $600 SVHS tape recorder and bought SVHS tapes at $12 apiece to record the whole show, 57 tapes in all. I got Direct TV just so I could record them with a higher quality digital signal.

I’d stay home to hit the pause button and meticulously remove the commercials from episodes I had already seen while recording it for posterity.

So now I have 114 hours of Babylon 5 on SVHS in a box in my garage labelled “B5 Heavy”. What am I supposed to do with it? The box really is quite heavy. The entire DVD set can be bought for $350 on eBay, $150 if you go with a Chinese bootleg.

When I was doing the collecting, I knew that I was being obsessive. I’d even tell people, “I know it’s a bit much. I figure that everyone is allowed to have just one obsessive thing in their lives. This is mine.”

What am I going to do with the set now? Sit at home and watch 114 hours of old sci-fi show?

But now that it’s done, I kind of hoped that… I don’t know… something good would come of it. It doesn’t feel right to just throw it all away.

Cool animated gif

Check out this creepy-cool animated gif I found.

Click to savor it.

Wait, it’s not animated! AAAHHH! My eyes!!

(courtesy Ebaumsworld)