Dinner at Cambaz

VC and I went to Cambaz tonight… It’s a new Turkish restaurant downtown. Who knew you could have fun in Hackettstown? Now I’m not talking about one of the fine sports-bars in the nearby metropoli of Independance or Great Meadows (home to Bobalou’s Famous Steaks & Sports Bar and Stumpy’s Sports Pub respectfully). I’m talking right in the heart of Hackettstown, practically within sight of the famous Hackettstown Trading Post lion statues!

The atmosphere was welcoming. The owner’s sister came out and chatted with us about the table decorations (last time, the owner himself forced us to try some specials for free… the 5-hr baked lamb was good). The food was great, with a definitely authentic provincal tang to it. And the belly dancer was really good!

And of course, sharing the experience made it so much better! Heck, I probably wouldn’t have gone out to dinner if it weren’t for VC. And of course, a final thank you to my mom for getting me a gift certificate for the place for christmas!

Hurray for good eats!

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