Thinking Californian Thoughts

Since Burning Man, I’ve been thinking a lot about following my bliss and going to California. In short, I’m looking for a place that’s sunnier and hippie-er. CA is a big place. Where should I go? A couple people have suggested Grass City, CA. Jennifer L suggested Santa Fe NM as well. Stevie says Santa Cruz, Capitola, Berkeley, Colorado Springs, CO, Estes Springs. I know I don’t want to go to LA. SF is a good place but the weather is a bit dreary. Where should I go? I’m going on a scouting mission tell me where to check out soon so tell me where to check out. (After clicking on that link, remove the “NOSPAM” tag from my email address)

For 3 months after Burning Man.. the sun, the people, the absurdist possibilities…, I didn’t have a single thought about steering my car into oncoming traffic. I liked that.

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