Good and Bad Things with the Projeti

It’s together. :-) Last night, I reved it up to full power, pointing the nose up toward the ceiling. I could feel it pushing up against my hand. If I had let go, it would have shot straight through the ceiling. Well, not really… it would have hit the ceiling and then shattered into maybe five or ten pieces… but you get the idea; vertical performance :-)And now the bad news: I was getting ready for my outing today and the prop wouldn’t turn. When I gave it throttle, the prop would do this unhappy buzzing thing. The prop doesn’t turn, it just vibrates! Waah! But today was the day! Wahhh!

I called NESail at 5pm and Carolyn said I’ll get a call back by the end of their work day… which is at 6pm…  in 5 minutes. :-( I don’t think I’m going to get that call. :-(

Maybe I changed an important setting on the ESC when I tried to program it. It’s a Phoenix 25 brushless ESC. It took me a while to figure out an important aspect of programming: go slow. If you try to program it too fast, it drops out of programming mode unexpectedly. I’ll go try to program it AGAIN…


NESail called me back at about 6:05 6 :-) The guy at NESail, Sal talked me though some diagnostics but couldn’t help. He thought it was most likely a busted ESC, though such problems are rare. He motioned me toward Castle Creations. He says that if it’s busted, I could exchange it though either NESail or Castle Creations. Of course I’m unhappy that I’m having trouble with it but NESail has been pretty sand-up-ish. I left a message at Castle Creations after hours. Hopefully they’ll call me back shortly!

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