I got a Suspension

This happened last month, on 2-13-04 but I thought it was funny enough to mention….

You remember that last month, I flooded the boys room… Well, this month, I got suspension at the middle school. I had to sit in the library with my desk facing the wall all day long. There was nothing to do but some stupid homework and a test that was really easy. And you know why I got suspension? Because I didn’t go to detention. Stupid. And I didn’t go to detention because my mom couldn’t pick me up after school. (Of course, in retrospect, I should have tried to work this detention thing out with school and my mom but hey…) And I got a detention because I wrote “Suck” on some kid’s notebook. I guess I shouldn’t have done that.

Well, actually you should replace “I” in that last paragraph with “my student”. But it was almost as awful for me. I had to sit there and watch him all day, making sure he wasn’t going to get in any trouble and that he didn’t talk to anyone and stuff. Bleck.

So, I got suspension.

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