Holding tension in my body

Everyone holds tension in their body in different and subtle ways. This often comes out during times of heightened stress. I heard about some famous Las Vegas performer… maybe Sammy Davis Jr? Sinatra? no, … but this person is just as famous… well, he said that before -every- show he was so nervous that he threw up. That’s twice a day, 5 or 6 days a week every work day for years! It was a fact of his life.

In the past, I held a lot of my tension in my throat. When I’d get more nervous, my throat would get sore and scratchy pretty quick… which was doubly bad if I was nervous because I was speaking in front of a group. For a while, I held my tension in the back of my shoulders. That was bad for managing my chronic typing Repetitive Strain Injury. I try not to hold my tension there for fear of not being able to type. I’ve also felt that sometimes I hold my tension in my blood pressure. It’s a subtle feeling but I can sense it when I’m looking out for it. That’s obviously not a healthy thing to do.

My parents left today just two hours ago and I’ve already defecated three times. I hadn’t noticed for the past couple weeks but I apparently hold some of my tension in my bowels. There you have it; I talked about poop in my public journal.

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