Driving Like a Crazy Person

PPG and I were in the city this weekend. On our way out of the city at 5pm, we got stuck in really bad traffic. On our way to the Holland Tunnel, we’d often only advance a single car-length at each change of the light. It was a little aggravating. We had been sitting in traffic for 45 minutes when I started playing with the seat. I cranked my seat back into a recline to relax. PPG was driving.

Lee: Lean your seat back. It’s not like we’re going anywhere.
PPG: No, I can’t. I’m driving.
Lee: Well put the car in Park.
PPG: No.
Lee: OK, well at least take your hands off the wheel.
[she does]
Lee: Now, wave them in the air like this. [Lee flaps his hands around furiously in front of him]
[she starts waving her hands around in front of her, smiling at the distraction]
Lee: You’re driving like a crazy person! Now put the car in Park!


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