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I’ve been using for my ISP for several weeks now and I’m very happy with them. Their tech support is very good, price is excellent, up-time is very good, services are just great (I got my SSH command prompt :-) )

You know that you’re never ever going to grow up when…


You know that there are unresolved issues in your life when…

You buy one of these:

Car’s fixed

I was down a gallon of antifreeze. The coolant system likely had a vaporlock condition. Still… where did that gallon of antifreeze go?!? Especially since I had an oil change at the dealer just a month ago. They are supposed to check for that kind of stuff.

Cars break down right on schedule

I’ve had my 1998 Chrysler Sebring for 5 years, 1 1/2 months. I know this partially because I got the car on my birthday. The other reason is that I purchased a 5 year extended warranty on the car for about $1,400. Nothing ever went bad on the car in all that time. . . . . . until tonight, 1 1/2 months after the warranty and service plan expires.

I swear, they have a little timer in them. That’s why you can’t buy the extended warrantee after the car leaves the showroom; they have to set the timer before you get it.

I was driving along and noticed that all of a sudden the heat wasn’t heating. I looked down and noticed that the temperature gauge was high and rising so I pulled over at a rest stop. After waiting 30 minutes and walking to the Delaware river to fill my water bottle for the radiator, I got back in the car and took off. I made it just 1 mile before it was topping the red zone again. I realized I wasn’t going to limp home. I pulled off at Rt 80 Exit 4 (20 miles from home) into a truck stop, called a friend to pick me up (thanks Jack), called a nearby mechanic and waited to be picked up at McDonald’s.

If I learned one thing from this whole experience it’s that I don’t much like McDonald’s any more. Too filling, fatty and flavorless. Two hours later, I still feel bloated even though I didn’t finish my fries or shake.

Let’s hope I get out of this without too much expenditure…

Me On Stuff

This is part of a letter I wrote to an acquaintance a few months ago

>As for my MST3K stuff, what shows are you missing from your collection?

I never tried collecting MST3K shows. But there is always one sitting on Tivo ready for me to spend two hours on! I went kooky taping Babylon 5 and that was enough for me. So now I’ve got some 116 hours or so of B5 on SVHS and I don’t know what to do with it. It was that experience that convinced me just a few years ago that I should watch/experience/read stuff and then let them go. I used to keep most everything I thought was important. But then I just sold or gave most of it away… and surprise, I didn’t explode or wither away! Of course, I still seem to have too much “stuff”, it’s ongoing… but at least it’s now eminently manageable.

The Screen Savers & Call For Help

For the past few months I’ve been tivoing The Screen Savers and Call For Help on TechTV. These shows are both excellent if you’re a computer nerd or plan to be one, you’ll know what we mean! I find it important to Tivo them because it’s an hour long and, although I love Leo, watching him for an hour straight gives me the twitchies.. No, not really, just just that sometimes they talk about stuff I already know and I just skip past that segment. But they are real hackers with real good advice for geeks and non-geeks alike. And they have cute AND smart supporting members too. How many times have I had that dream where Cat Swartz is configuring my router…. ahhhhh. :-)