2 weeks ago (jeez the time flies!) I went to see Siobhan in Boston. It was fun! She had to do some work for her Usability class. That entailed us going to iRobot in Burlington and planning out a usability study of their Packbot. How cool is that? I’ve got to make one derogatory comment… usability graduate students are, by and large, pretty dumb. Ok, I’m done being mean.

I got a little tour of the office space. One of the high-points was getting a look at the boss’ office. He’s got -all- the good toys and robots and models and magazines and stuff hanging from the ceiling and everything! Wee! I grinned when I realized that I was familiar with almost every item in the place except for some of the anime characters. There was one character I recognized instantly for a different reason. Koumori rocks.

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