Shaolin Soccer

The release date for Shaolin Soccer has been pushed back AGAIN. The original July 15th release date would have made it a great Summer flick. The revised August 15th release just barely made it in for the Summer crowd. When they switched it to September 15th, I got miffed. An Indian Summer kung foo/action/comedy? Maybe. Now Moviephone says It’s being released December 26th. Boxing Day? What the frig? Shaolin Soccer plays off of the Matrix hype in a funny way. But since Matrix Reloaded sucked, Matrix-mania is fading pretty rapidly. Maybe they’re trying to time it after Matrix Reloaded’s November 5th release date. But Boxing Day? That’s too late! I give up.

Jeez, I get excited about going to one movie in the theater in a year and look what happens. Hurumph.

But I -did- have a really really good weekend. I’ll tell you about that soon. And heck, last weekend was really really good too. So what am I hurumphing at?

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  1. cathy says:

    This movie is amazing, if you haven’t seen it yet i suggest that you should buy it or rent it. The kung fu that goes along with their soccer games are simply fun to watch.

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