Scripting Project: Blog Bookmarker

Here’s an idea of a blog viewer bookmarks. This will hold the place of someone viewing a person’s blog.

8-29-03 [click here to set the bookmark on this spot]
Today’s entry blah blah
blah blah

8-28-03 [click here to set the bookmark on this spot]
Here’s a new entry

8–27-03 [click here to set the bookmark on this spot]
Another entry in my blog

When you click on the link, the script sends a cookie to the person viewing the blog. This cookie contains a #name with the exact location of where the viewer clicked. The next time the viewer goes to this page, a script reads the cookie and jumps down to the appropriate place in the blog.

This kind of bookmarking is most appropriate for blogs that get very long. For instance, someone that clears their blog once a month (like me)

Simple and elegant. Now somebody write it! All I ask for is an “Original concept” byline.

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