The State of Computers Today

from an exchange between TJIC and me.

>Mail is going wonky. Web page load times are way up. There may be
>some sort of huge worm/virus attack going on as well, according to
>some reports.

I’ve gone to maybe 15 people’s homes in the last 2 months to help them with computers. NONE of these people had any idea what a firewall was or what Windows Update was. Heck, I tried to make the analogy to my cousins that updating Windows was like changing the oil in your car… getting it done is really easy and you have to do it or you won’t have a car for long. I got what amounted to a blank stare from all of them, including the 17 and 15 year olds. I decided to set their computers to automatically go to Windows Update and not even tell them about it.

But then if I can convince these people to have their “oil changed” by me, I can do well…

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