My Wishlist

from The Sussex Air Showsimba-hotliner.jpgSimba F5B electric hotliner. This thing is so frigging fast! And maneuverable too! 10 2400 mah zapped cells power a brushless motor. The motor draws around 100 amps, leaving the batteries too hot to touch for several minutes. The pilot says he only gets around 50 flights on a battery pack before they’re toast.

To launch: Hold upright. Turn motor on. Let go…. straight up as high as you like. It went about 100-120 after a dive on the flats and loops like…. It’s hard to describe… It goes into the loops so fast and barely loses any speed even though the motor is off when in the loop.

simodels-biplane.jpgSIModels biplane. There were larger planes out there but this one had the most stability and commanded the most attention of any plane in the air. That thing is at home in the air like a Lazy-Boy! The engine purred wonderfully. The plane costs what you think it does, in the $5,000 range. Powerful, smooth, commanding, beautiful.

lazy-ace.jpgThis Lazy Ace is for sale by Chuck Howarth (I’ve saved his phone number). I’m very tempted! I think it was $750 complete minus receiver and transmitter.

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