Battery Comparison

Optimally, I’d want a battery 1500mAh battery, under 10 mOhm, under 30g. 20mOhm is right out. Here’s stats from Sanyo’s website

Name mass mOhms price comments
KR-800AAE 23g 12 .
KR-1500AUL 31g 16 .
KR-1400AE 31g(1.09oz) 10 $2.35
KR-1500AUL 31g 16 .
HR-4/5AUP_Ni-MH_1700 34g 6 $4.40 Ni-MH must be charged slower
CP-1300SCR 35g 6.5 $4.25 see comparison below
KR-1700AU 36g(1.17oz) 17 $3.95
HR-4/5FAUP_Ni-MH_1950 39g 5 $4.60
CP-1700SCR 46(1.62oz) 5.5 $3.60 too heavy
N-1700SCR 54g 4 . too heavy

comparison according to Sanyo charts:
CP-1300SCR – drained after 8C for 6.9 minutes. that’s 10.4 amps for 6.9 min (.115 hrs). 10.4 * .115 = 1.196 amp/hrs
KR-1700AU – drained 8C for 5.2 minutes. that’s 13.6 amps for 5.2 min (.087 hrs). 13.6 * .087 = 1.1832 amp/hrs
Conclusion: you get an insignificant 1% more amp/hrs out of the CP-1300SCR during high drain applications (like flying wide open throttle). At lower drain, like when cruising around, the KR-1700AU does better.

The HR-4/5AUP looks like the best candidate. Andrew Mileski on the Zagi group says it’s his favorite and that’s good for something. It pains me slightly to spend $70 in batteries + $20 pack making supplies… Hmm. But thinking about it, I’ll then have 2 complete kick-ass packs for $45 apiece. So the cycle would be: fly the 2 new packs for 25 min. Fly the 1100 Ni-MH for 10 min while letting the pair cool. Start charging the new pair at 1.5C. Fly the 1700 Ni-Cad pack for 15 min. Sit out for 30 min. Then start charging the 1100 Ni-MH and start flying the pair for 25 min.

I suppose the best and most simple configuration would be for me to have 2 pairs of batteries and a charger with a charge delay. Then it would be:
fly pair #1 for 25 min
plug pair #1 in (with a 5 minute cooling delay on the charger) at 1.5C and fly pair #2 for 25 min
sit out for 20 min
plug pair #2 in at 1.5C and fly pair #2 for 25 min

But now I’m just fantasizing…

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