Considering the Cost of School

That’s just crazy talk! Weeeeee! I have seen the future of the web, and it is a talking dog.

William Paterson offers a 33 credit master’s program at $358/credit… That’s $12,000 (much cheaper than Centenary’s $600/credit or ESU’s $450/credit for PA residents. Actually, if I attended ESU full-time, the cost could fall to as low as $410/credit but I wouldn’t survive a 15 credit/semester course load).

That’s 2 full-time semesters and 1 full-time summer at William Patterson. Or if I’m working, 4 half-time semesters and 2 half-time summers. If I start in September 2003, I’ll have a degree in September 2005, just in time for my 36th birthday.

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