New Power Supply

power-supply-and-charger.jpgThe Cosel K150A 12 volt, 13 amp power supply came in the mail today. I hooked up wires, plugged it in and it worked right out of the box. :-) I’m very happy to be rid of my Rube Goldberg battery charging contraption. It used to go:Car battery charger set on 2 amp manual charge
–> block of UPS batteries
–> Astro charger
–> nicads

The UPS batteries were there as a power sink/capacitor because they say that a car charger doesn’t have an even enough output to be trusted going straight into an electronics device (I believe them)

I’d have to watch the state of charge on the UPS batteries or badness would ensue. And when done, unplug the whole thing. To boot, the lead-acids were on their way out. I charged them individually last night and today 2 are at 6.39 volts, 2 at 6.29 volts. Maybe I’ll keep 2 of the lead-acids as field-chargers.

But now, when I’m home, I can “Set it, and forget it!”


I -was- going to wish for An Astro 020 brushless motor with controller from Atlanta Hobby for Christmas but after looking into motor and prop efficiencies (see my Flying Tips page) I’m not exactly sure which motor I want. I’ll have to research it some more.

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