Matrix Reloaded

I saw The Matrix Reloaded on Wednesday. If you didn’t get enough of the Matrix from the first movie, then this movie is for you…. really. Same stunts, same fights, same sets (same red chair), same look, same feel. Sure, it adds to the storyline, but not nearly enough for it to be worth it. It disappointed me in a similar way that the the new Heineken/Matrix sellout/commercial does.

Now, if you had figured out how to hack your favorite video game, change your stats, kill the bots with a hack, see through objects, violate the physics of the game, hit the reset button when you’re losing, etc… you wouldn’t concern yourself with all the mundane things that apparently concerned Neo. I had been really looking forward to seeing Neo hack the system, oh well.

I loved going to the movies with Tara and Ross. And I liked exercising my philosophy muscle on a big-screen event. But Matrix Reloaded gets a disappointed thumbs-down from me.

More Comments: Several of the effects were obviously completely CGI. There were a couple jitters in the film that looked like editing mistakes; maybe the theater’s copy of the film had been damaged? The tractor-trailer fight was cool, but Morpheus bent the laws of physics so much that I was beginning to think that nothing could unseat him. If you lived 2000 meters underground, I’d think that oxygen might be an expensive commodity and you wouldn’t try to light an area the size of Madison Square Garden with torches.

Well, at least they’ll have to build a a new set for their hovercraft because the Nebuchadnezzar got blowed up in TMR.

Enough about that.

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