I’m playing hooky from school tonight. That psych class is … well, if you ain’t got nothin’ nice to say, don’t say nothin’ at all.

I’m all happy about my new cable modem that arrived today. So I moved the computer downstairs into my bedroom, near a cable TV hookup. (when my parents arrive in a few weeks, I’ll have a wireless ethernet thingie to connect their computer upstairs). So now I’m sitting on a card-table chair with the monitor teetering on the edge of my dresser and I’ve got no speakers. What’s the use of a superfly net connection if you can’t HEAR the music you’re stealing off Kazaa? Ooo wait, my old monitor has built-in speakers that I’ve never used! I just hooked them up and they’re nothing compared to my Cambridge Soundworks.. but I think the base unit is buried in storage. I’m playing my .mp3s through them now…

A couple friends have asked me, “What’s up?” in email. I referred them here, to my journal. I felt a little bad replying to them with an “RTFM” letter. But I’ve got to say that about 60% of the reason I’m writing this is so that friends can keep up with my goings-on. I highly encourage you to use my journal as a stepping stone! Leverage it! Don’t ask me that painfully general question, “Hey Lee, long time no chat. What are you up to?” You hate it when people ask you the question. It’s like they’re asking, “In 500-1000 words, summarize the important events in your life during the last 3 months. Pay particular concern to how these events relate to my relationship with you.” Instead, you could ask, “Lee, you sound so frustrated with those style sheet things. Why do you bother?” Or, “So how was that reception? Your description only started to get into it.” Or, “Cheese Weasel Day? You’re so weird!” Or, “So where are pictures of that plane, huh?”

Getting the cable modem installed and working feels really good. I’ve needed a personal win for a while. I installed it. It worked. Win. :-)

I haven’t said much about the war in Iraq in my journal. If the first-hand interview that I’m watching on CNN is to be believed, then the Iraqi people are very happy that we’re doing what we’re doing. A reporter and translator are talking to five guys along a highway in Iraq and they’re explaining how removing Saddam Hussein is a good thing. Now I’m looking at an image of a highway, the same highway; the right shoulder is filled with people walking toward the camera. The line goes back all the way to the horizon. I estimate that the camera is looking at about 5,000 people. The newscaster says that they are ex-Iraqi soldiers that were released from the city of Kiffri (spelling?) in northeast Iraq. They are all walking, without any possessions or uniforms south toward… toward someplace better than where they were, presumably.

Noble as this endeavor may or may not be, I’m bothered by the fact that not a single illicit chemical, biological, or nuclear weapon has been discovered in Iraq.

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