God-damned blog comment software

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God-damned blog comment software! I’ve spent too many frigging hours working on this, with no frigging results!! All I want is a cute little button at the end of my log entries letting people talk about my log entries. It’d look like this:
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I spent forever surfing the net for code. Then what I found doesn’t work. Cgicomments… NOBODY can get Cgicomments to work. Snorcomments… I’ve been fiddling with the frigging file permissions for hours and I’m getting nowhere. Whenever I find a reference to someone who’s gotten a good blog commenter working, the reference turns out to be old… They switched to Movabletype or Blogger or something. And I’d use an online blogging comment solution too if I thought for a single second that I could trust them with my data. But there is NO WAY I’m going to trust any of these services with my bits on a permanent basis. They’re free services being weighed down by sizable bandwidth and hardware fees, being run by guys in their spare time. I know what that’s like… I ran such a service and, at some point, they’ll run out of steam and there’s a very real chance that some of the bits will get lost forever.

So all I can do is trust some locally based system… The idea isn’t hard… heck, it’s just a snazzed up Guestbook run on my own server. But Earthlink…. and… errr. ahahahakljsldkjsa dflsl ajkasdf j JDFSASD FJJSK:L

[rant off]

I -will- get it to work.

WNTI radio rules. Eagleslayer singing “The boy with Robotic Arms” made me laugh so hard, my sides hurt for 10 minutes! Heard right here on Ritchie Murder’s Atari Baby show, 1:40am, 3-13-03.

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