Today’s reality check: Buddy Jesus

Today’s reality check:

Jesus - Hit the ball.jpg (39151 bytes)Jesus playing keep away.jpg (41177 bytes)Jesus about to body check two little girls.jpg (39346 bytes)Jesus - just pass the ball.jpg (53341 bytes)
Jesus - No comment.jpg (98047 bytes)
Jesus takes on the K2.jpg (93846 bytes)Jesuscapades.jpg (43396 bytes)

(click to enlarge) Yes, these are real resin models for sale at The Catholic Shopper. Thanks to Jay for the reference.

Yes, I’m aware that these are supposed to just be allegorical, and some folks might “get it”, but…. Check please!


More (completely unrelated!) reality check:

Megan’s Law would not have saved Megan. Megan’s murderer, Jesse Timmandequas’ prior criminal history would not have put him on any public sexual predator lists.

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