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(excerpted from a mass email to lots of friends)

After more than 10 months of unsuccessful looking for a Senior/Mgmt Software Quality Assurance position in or around NYC, I decided that a change of pace was in order. Money was getting a little tight and my resolve to stay in the dot-bomb industry was floundering.

Everyone keeps telling me that I’d make an excellent teacher so I started looking into it…. and I decided to give it a go! To get started, It’s going to take a couple changes… I’m getting ready to take a job a substitute teacher to get a feel for where I’d like to end up; no, subbing it’s often yucky work, but it’s a start in the right place. I’ve got to go to school for a while to qualify to teach, probably starting January at Centenary in Hackettstown. The program will take somewhere between 1 and 3 years; I’m figuring out the details now. I temporarily moved to my parent’s place in Hackettstown. The idea is that they will be away for most of the winter, I needed a place to regroup and get started on this second career. So I’ll be here until May. That’s when my snowbird parents arrive back in town.

I’ll certainly miss my old place. But I still say that the neighborhood is way too sterile. Having a doorman sure was nice though. Shara, my housemate of four years has stayed in Jersey City, moving to her own place near Grove Street. Our recent housemate Dwight went to a different building at Newport. And our long lost Pierre is still far and away; last reports set him sunning himself on the beaches of California.

Hackettstown is a beautiful change of pace. It’s a small town 20 miles from Pennsylvania and a 1 hour drive to NYC. Just yesterday we got 6 inches of snow and the lake behind the house froze over. The wintering geese don’t look happy about the ice but they’ll get used to it.

Be seeing you,


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