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Not the Computer Guy

I’m not The Computer Guy anymore. I just sold the business to a guy in the neighborhood who is doing the same kind of thing that I was. He didn’t have nearly as many clients as I did, but now he does. It was really a bit of shocking news when I was standing there […]

Computer Guy Don’ts: tilting a PC

Don’t tip a computer that has a CD spinning in the drive. The resulting gyroscopic perturbations will do bad things to the CD in the drive. I was re-installing XP on a newish Dell 2400. The XP product activation code is written on the side of the PC. So when I needed the code, (the […]

Claria + IPO = Good for Computer Guy

Forwarded from PPG: April 12, 2004 Pop-Up Ad Company Plans an Initial Stock Offering By BOB TEDESCHI The Claria Corporation, the company best known – and reviled by privacy advocates – for its online pop-up ads and tracking applications, has filed to offer shares to the public. Claria, formerly known as Gator, hopes to […]

Computer Guy is right on

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A Potential Advertisement for Computer Guy

It’s like junking your car because it’s June and you’re tired of driving around with your old Christmas tree on the roof. But you tied that thing on there so good that it’s, like… it’s never coming off. But no, you just need a friend with a good knife. That’s me, The Computer Guy.

A little bit about Computer Guy

I wrote to a friend today the following: We were talking before about what the heck we should each do for a living… I wanted to give you hopeful news and say that I’ve been being “The Computer Guy” with moderate success for the last couple months. I go to people’s homes and help them […]

I’m The Computer Guy

Remember that ad I put in the Panther? (Journal 7-11-03) Well, it’s working! The ad came out about 2 weeks ago and I’ve had a bunch of people call me, saying, “Help, Help! My computer/TV/cable modem/… is broken. Come fix it and I’ll give you money!” I have a pile of 20’s and 50’s sitting […]

Lee Recommends Computer Programs

See this Lee Recommends Computer Programs page too Recuva recovers files deleted from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player. And it’s free! Ccleaner protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure Lee Recommends Computer Programs Updated 5-6-09 Ok, I realize that this post has become just […]

Click Here August 2004: Buying a Computer Part 2

Click Here By Lee C. Sonko, Computer Consultant First, a little announcement: If you have e-mail, you should get on the PVPOA Announcements e-mail mailing list. Just go to the web site (username: pvpoa, password: pvpoa) and you’ll see a link to sign up. We won’t give your e-mail address to any of those […]

Click Here July 2004: Buying a Computer

“Click Here” column for the July 2004 Panther Click Here by Lee C. Sonko, Computer Consultant Before I get to this month’s topic, Buying a Computer, there are some announcements. Get on the List If you have a computer and live in The Valley, you should sign up for the Announcements e-mail mailing list. Just […]