Carpet Cleaning Telemarketers Get Violent

I did a bad thing ;-)

I got yet another telemarketing call from “The Carpet Cleaning Company”. Over the last couple years I’ve tried getting myself off their telemarketing list, starting with being on the National Do Not Call Registry. I tried “press 9 to remove yourself from our list” maybe 3 times in the last year (they call a lot). I tried talking to the nice lady who comes on and have alternately been hung up on and told that I’d be removed. Let me also say that I have no carpets that might possibly be cleaned! The biggest rug in the place is the throw in the bathroom.

So today I signed up to have my carpets cleaned. They’ll be here Thursday between 8 and 10 am.

I gave a ficticious name and a ficticious address. They said they’d call before coming out. I’m debating whether I should call it off when they call to confirm. I mean, all I want is for them to realize it’s not in their interest to call me. I don’t want to put some guy in a van out.

What do you suggest?

Update 4-23-09: The Cleaners Arrive

I got a call at about 9:30 from “the carpet cleaners” saying they’d be arriving shortly. At about 10, there they were!

I took a few photos of their truck, waited a few minutes and then approached them.


The conversation started out like this as best I can recollect. I’m forgetting  some little bits but you get the idea (next time, I’ll record video of everything)

As I approached from across the street, the angry cleaner  immediately asked something like, “So what about the carpets you need cleaned?” I guess I had “clean my carpet!” written all over my face. I had been trying to be all nonchalant. Oh well. ;-)

Lee – I don’t have a carpet needing cleaning. It’s illegal for you to have called me because I’m on the Do Not Call List.

Cleaner – Hey but we’re here.

Lee – Your company has called me 10.. no 20 times in the last 2 years and I’ve tried to get off your list every which way.

Cleaner – Hey maybe it wasn’t us that called you. There are a lot of companies like us out there.

Lee – Well, you’re here so it must have been your company.

I heard his phone ringing for a while and he picked it up. He handed me the phone telling me that I could talk with his company about it. There was a woman on the phone that I told much the same story to. I gave her my real name and phone number and she said something like she’d look into it or remove me from their list or something. As we spoke on the phone, the cleaner got more agitated and I ended up talking to him more than the woman. He took back the phone and we talked more.

The cleaner was getting angry that I had photgraphed his truck and said he wanted the pictures back. I saw it was getting ugly and thought to turn on the video function of my camera.

Watch the video. NSFW: profanity:

Pay particular attention where at 1:13 in the video the cleaner commits assault, gesturing angrily and saying, “I’m gonna screw your ass. I know where you live. Ok bitch?”

Here is the contract from the video that the guy was so adamant about not giving me. (right-click to view a legible size)


Notes:The back of the truck has the email address on the portable job box. It’s a Ford F-150 pickup truck, white with orange near the bottom. California licence plate 8T12730.

The invoice he kept waving at me has the following written on it “Rug Steamer  Tel: 888-587-5482”

Maybe I’m off their telemarketing list. It’s definite that their value proposition for using illegal telemarketing has decreased.

Update 12-10-09: I haven’t gotten a call from them in months. I think I’m finally off their list :-)


  1. lee says:

    At the end of the call I asked the name of the carpet cleaning company. She told me “Deluxe Cleaning”. A little googling found an unrepentant telemarketer at 404-335-7149. I didn’t get a caller-id on their call but it’s likely them. I guess someone is going to get their carpet cleaned next Thursday.

  2. Rick! says:

    Sounds like you have repeatedly tried to do things the nice way.

    I say you should put some guy in a van out.
    When/if they call you asking ‘WTF, dude!’, tell them you’ve tried to be nice but they aren’t taking the hint.
    Rinse and repeat.
    But then again, I’m a bastard sometimes, so, YMMV.

  3. Becca says:

    TeeHee: I feel guilty just reading what you did! You can see I get taken advantage a lot. However, I HATE telemarketers, so, I say, if your conscience can handle it, do whatever it takes. Just PLEASE post about the results (if they call again!)

  4. Bruce says:

    Yeah, I can understand you don’t want to hassle the poor guy in the truck. But maybe he can help get you off their phone list. Can’t hurt to ask him.

  5. lee says:

    I updated the post. The Carpet Cleaners came and threatened me. For real. Watch the video footage.

  6. […] the video were the telemarketing carpet cleaners from  888-587-5482 threaten me. Category: General  |  Comment (RSS)  |  Trackback Possibly […]

  7. Rick! says:

    You know, him saying ‘I’m going to screw your ass’ is assault. Him following you up the sidewalk like he did is intimidation. Both are criminal acts.

    Just saying, and I’m not a lawyer.

  8. Rick! says:

    So I’m guessing the yelp review will be less than favorable?

  9. Sean says:

    It looks like you spent a whole lot of energy on this. Why did arrange to have your carpet cleaned if you didn’t “want to put some guy in a van out”? You put him out. He was angry because you provoked him and his pay is most likely determined by the number of carpets actually cleaned. They will probably put you on an “annoy this guy with more calls” list. I would be careful about engaging in this sort of activity. You could have been assaulted. What did you expect to gain from this?

  10. lee says:

    >What did you expect to gain from this?

    Sean, I am on the National Do Not Call registry, which tells them that their repeated initial contacts are unwelcome and illegal. I have tried on multiple occasions over several years to remove myself from their contact list but it is obvious that they have no removal process. If you Google for the phone number “888-587-5482“, you will find thousands of complaints lodged against them by individuals.

    My primary purpose was to get myself removed from their contact list. No other method worked so I needed to step it up a notch.

    My secondary purpose was to decrease the value of their illegal telemarketing campaign.

    >You could have been assaulted
    I was assaulted. I assume you mean I could have been battered. Moving on… We have rules in our society. One of them is that assault and battery are inappropriate and punishable. Sean, if you were attacked by the cashier at your local supermarket, what would you do? You’d file suit of course.

  11. Sean says:

    It seems like an extreme solution to a small problem. There must be an easier way to get off that list. I am on the do not call registry and still receive these types of calls once in a while. In my experience, they lose interest in you after a while.
    If I had the cashier ring a cart load of groceries and then immediately requested that they void everything… while I videotaped them doing so… and let them know that I felt they worked for a dishonest company… No, it would be wrong and illegal for them to assault me, but at a certain point it might seem like a worthwhile cathartic release for them.

  12. Jason says:

    Sean, they don’t lose interest after awhile! I just found this post by a search. Deluxe Carpet Cleaning calls me almost every other day. I’ve reported them DOZENS OF TIMES. My number is on the Do Not Call list and has been for years. I’ve asked the people at Deluxe to quit calling me. I’ve pressed the number the recording tells me will take me off the list. NOTHING takes me off the list. NOTHING. The phone company can’t help; I’ve tried. I’m so sick of their calls! My mother-in-law has Stage 4 cancer and lives with me for the time being. Every few days, that stupid carpet cleaning company wakes her up from a sound sleep. I’ve tried turning the phone off during the day, but we miss important calls. I work out of my house and it’s HORRIBLE to be on a business call and have Deluxe taking my focus away. I’ve thought about doing just what this person did, and it’s totally justified, in my opinion.

    We’ve been dealing with this for almost a year now.

  13. lee says:

    Here’s a good tip, the carpet cleaners really listen to the messages left at this number: 510-688-3361. When I called, it was just a machine. I’m sure they never actually pick it up.
    Here is audio of two messages from them I received on my answering machine.

    If you don’t care to listen to the messages, it’s “Anastasia” confirming for Thursday and then “Nichole” looking for me because the cleaners couldn’t find my address. She wanted me to call back to reschedule.

  14. lee says:

    Here’s a nice story:

    Carpet cleaning telemarketer fined $10,000 for violating DNC list
    14 Jun 2007

    BOISE, Idaho — A telephone solicitor who called Nampa residents offering carpet cleaning services has paid a $10,000 fine for violating the Do Not Call registry.

    The Idaho Attorney General’s office says Authorized Cleaning Services used an autodialer to market its services. The AG’s office got more than 75 complaints from people who were called despite being on the no call list. Some were called several times a day.

    John Belcastro, who operated the company, agreed to pay the fine and stop soliciting Idaho residents as part of a settlement with the Idaho Attorney General’s office.

  15. Gregg says:

    Great job on the photos and videos! You should post the video on YouTube and use the keywords “Daisy” or “Carpet Care” or the phone numbers 510-688-3361 or 888-587-5482 so other victims of these asstards can find your video. You took great initiative, some risk and effort to expose these miscreants. I’m guessing the guy who showed up has an expired Visa or is illegal. I likewise scheduled a visit, just to get additional information on these skunks. I get calls every week from this specific boiler room operation. How far would you get by filing a criminal complaint for the physical threats and physical assault you received from this dirtbag?

  16. lee says:

    Gregg, thanks for the compliments. I posted the video to Youtube.

    I’m not terribly interested in filing a criminal complaint unless I know something will come of it. I told a friend who is in law school about the incident and about the threat. My friend’s eyes got wide with “Ooo, lemme at em!” What do you think?

    I encourage you to videotape the entire experience for solid proof. Tell me how it goes. If you don’t have a website, I’d consider posting it here.

  17. Rick! says:

    I think you should spank them like a redheaded stepchild. Will your lawyer friend do it pro bono?

    The reason why I think this is so that a stop can be put to it. If that won’t happen, fuggedaboudit.

  18. Paul says:


    Great job man. I really have a hard time understanding why anyone would have any problem with what you did. In fact, I beg of everyone who recieves these solicitations to schedule an appointment at a fake address so these scumbags waste so much time looking for fake addresses that they go out of business. I would bet anyone a large sum of money that not only do these losers make illegal phone calls but that when they show up to “clean your carpet” they simply wet your carpet down and use a normal household cleaner to get one good spot out so they can “prove” they did a good job. It is a scam through and through. If they legitimately cleaned your carpet, they would have sufficient business from referrals and would not need to cold call you six times a day. I PROMISE, they have no repeat customers.

  19. Michael says:

    These morons from Deluxe Carpet Cleaning call every month. I already demanded many times to be removed from their phone list. That did not work. Once asked about company name they hang up. I told a lot of profanities to the reps. Nothing works. They keep calling. Filing complaints with DNC does not work either.

    I called this number (214) 382-7533 and demanded to be removed from their phone list. This is their actual phone number.

    I also called to 877.999.7705 (press 3 get connected to rep.) Refer to the caller ID (if you see one) or 404-335-7149. Ask to be removed from their phone list!

    We will see if it is going to work.


    Send complaints to PAETEC. Ask to be removed from caller’s list, and that caller comply with the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule if your number is on the federal Do Not Call registry.
    Fraud & Subpoena Compliance / Annoyance Call Center
    Phone: 877.999.7705
    Fax: 585.770.2418

    Caller ID: 404-335-7149 Atlanta, GA
    Caller Type: Telemarketer

  20. lee says:

    I’m very excited! I just got a call from what sounded like a different carpet cleaner telemarketer. I pressed 1 to get past the recording and I heard what sounded like a loud sweat-shop^H^H^H^H^H^H call center. I could barely hear a woman saying “hello” to me. I said, “Hello, I can barely hear you, can you speak up?” And she hung up on me. :-(

    I’m sad because I didn’t get to order another carpet cleaning.

    But I’m very very excited that they’re going to call back and I’ll soon get the opportunity to get more carpet cleaning madness on video!

  21. Carpet says:

    There is clearly something very wrong with telemarketers violating the do not call list. If you want your Carpet cleaned, you better do your research and hire a reputable company that has been in business for some time and has legitimate references.

  22. roberto says:

    Good Man!!

    They’ve been calling me for months. Finally got a chance to schedule them for a visit right down the street. Big house, apparently with 10 rooms that need cleaning. :-)

  23. Carpet Cleaning Lynnwood says:

    And that folks, is why WE don’t use telemarketers. What a bad press release that one is…

  24. Stephen says:

    They called on 5/18 with a spoofed caller ID, and I pressed 3 to be removed. They called again on 5/19 and I scheduled an appointment. I asked for a call back number and company name: (510)688-3361 and Ocean Carpet Cleaning. He showed up 1/2 hour early, I didn’t answer the door or the phone. He waited the 1/2 hour. They called again and I told them to please remove me from their calling list. They called again on 5/29 and I have another appointment scheduled for Monday. This time I gave them a San Jose, CA address with a bogus apartment number (last time I gave them a Concord, CA address). They gave me the same call back number, but said it was Deluxe Carpet Care. I have field 2 complaints with the FCC at

  25. lee says:

    Stephen, that’s the way to do it. And heck, it’s better that you didn’t answer the door and have a carpet cleaner yell at you or worse.

    It is too funny that they called again and you got to schedule another appointment. If they don’t make their “oh shit, we really better remove that phone number from our list” system any better, the two of us will single-handedly bankrupt them.

    I now look forward to telemarketers calling me. I’m eager to send them on wild goose chases like this. This has been a small but liberating experience; I’m not bothered when I pick up the phone and these jerks call.

  26. Rick! says:

    You know, you monkeys could get up to more fun by imitating what some of the 419 baiters have done…

  27. lee says:

    Here’s a news report on an Arizona TV station of a guy who did similar to what I did… and it made the evening news.

    It’s the same company, their name is different but the logo is the same.

  28. Brent COne says:

    I own a carpet cleaning company and it is a shame that a lot of people actually have this expectation from carpet cleaners (unprofessional, shady advertising, etc…)

  29. lee says:

    I got a call from another carpet cleaner on 6-2-09.

    I was in the middle of giving my (fictitious) address and the woman at the other end interrupted me with “You’re not a very good liar. You can’t bullshit a bullshiter, guy! [hangup]”

    Maybe she heard me typing and hesitating when giving my address. Maybe she looked up my phone number and found my file. Next time, I’ll give them my cell phone # as a contact.

  30. lee says:

    Just a minute ago, at 2:30pm I got a call from “Jenny with the steam cleaners” (that’s how the autodialer message started). I set up an appointment to have my carpets cleaned in my 3 room apartment on Monday July 6th between 8 and 10am for just $74!

    Of course I gave a fictitious but nearby address and a different phone number from last time. The lady was really sweet.

  31. Mary says:

    Our comes as a private caller on caller ID – you answer and the rcording starts “Hi – I am Jenny from the Steam Cleaner” – our phone number has always been on the do not call list and has been updated each time as needed. I too have asked to be taken off their calling list, and have reported them for violating the do not call list. I’ll bet we get probably 5 calls a month. When I see private caller I do not answer. But did this morning and sure enough it is still them calling. These folks need a hefty fine slapped on them, and prohibit them from doing any kind of business involving coming to people’s home. They do not take the do not call list/register seriously whatsoever. Maybe we all should put bumper stickers on our cars that says do not do business with the “Steam Cleaner”, and all these others that keep calling. They to me are preying on the elderly who will answer the phone and be snookered into having them come out to clean carpets. The fact they call so much, is that they must be hurting quite financially. Report them to your better business bureau, attorney general’s office, do not call registry. Enough noise and some one will pay attention and take appropriate action against them!

  32. lee says:

    As you all recall, I was called by an illegal telemarketer last week so I signed up with them to have my carpet cleaned on Monday. On Monday morning I got several calls but no one left a message.

    702-479-8600 8:10am – A cell phone belonging to a guy named Israel. Probably the guy in the truck trying to find my fictitious address.

    510-688-5310 8:12am, 9:35am – The Carpet Cleaners. Call them and that’s how they answer “Carpet Cleaners!” These are the bad people.

    415-424-8720 11:46am, 1:31pm, 3:04pm – Maria Lopez or M&J Housecleaning, based in San Francisco. These folks likely purchased the job from the Carpet Cleaners telemarketers. They were probably calling to try and reschedule.

    Today I filed (another) complaint with the Federal Do Not Call list.

  33. Gene says:

    I just did the same thing yesterday for the second time. This time I bribed the guy who showed up to give me the street address of the company. He claimed he didn’t know. He gets his orders over the phone. He called his boss and spoke in a language I did not recognize. Some words sounded French. I told him I was reluctant to let someone in my house I didn’t know and I could not find their company in the phone book or online. His boss told me their address was 871 Market St in SF. That’s Westfield mall which contains Nordstrom’s and other upscale stores. He lied. Next time I’ll offer a bribe when I get a verifiable address. Once I get their address I will sue them in small claims court for all of their calls. I’ve kept a log for most of the calls. 8) It’s nice to find a like minded fellow in the area. I can hardly wait for my next call.

  34. lee says:

    Rock on Gene! I hadn’t gotten a single telemarketing call in the last month until yesterday. My girlfriend picked up the phone and when she said that no one was there, I got just a little glint in my eye. I like the hunt as well :-)

  35. Fran says:

    How do you know what name to use when filing a complaint with the FCC? I got a call tonight and submitted a complaint, but I used the name Stanley Steemer, but then I belatedly realized that they didn’t actually use this name. I confused the fact that the recorded call said something about steam clean with the fact that Stanley Steemer is the only carpet cleaning name I know. Now I a) feel bad that I submitted an incorrect complaint, and b) want to submit a corrected complaint. I also live in SF, Lee, so I tried that 510 number you provided on 7/10. Oddly, a person answered on a Friday evening. I asked if they were doing a telemarketing campaign and she denied it completely. I’m realizing that they purposefully don’t use a name that stands out, if they use a name at all. The only words were carpet steam cleaners. That’s helpful. They offer an option to hit the #8 to opt out of future calls, and when I tried that the line disconnected. I’ve been on the DNC list since 2003, and don’t have carpet – meaning I haven’t done business with them in the past, so I definitely shouldn’t be called. Very annoying.

  36. Sam Hates Carpets says:

    And here is their official website:
    The only phone number that works in relation to their company is the american phone number 1-909-237-0077 who is the supervisor for the company. All Philippines numbers are disconnected.

    Their site is hosted with the following hosting company:

    US TOLL FREE PHONE: +1-800-574-0902
    INTERNATIONAL PHONE: +1-510-870-0646
    UK PHONE : +44-20-7993-2673
    AU PHONE : +61-2-8014-8213

    When contacting the FTC be sure to provide 9092370077 as the abuse number and for more information include “Amara BPO Solutions” as well as their owner Mark Lester Chavez

  37. tommy says:


    I had my carpets cleaned twice by those guys. But they just do regular telemarketing. I didn’t like their call…but they did a good job cleaning my carpet. My friends have used them for years.

  38. Gene says:

    Tommy, buying services from them only encourages more telemarketing. Subscribe to The Bay Area Checkbook. It has references for many local businesses by consumers who have used them. In the East Bay I was pleased with Four Star Carpet Cleaning. The guys who showed up at my house would not give the name or address of their company. What do they have to hide? I’m not letting strangers in my house.

    BTW they have never called me after I scheduled the appointment and didn’t allow them in my house.

  39. Parlancheq says:

    Too bad I didn’t think of something so wonderfully sinister when the same or a similar operation called my cell today, all the way out here in Boston, MA. Now I WANT them to call me again, so I can follow in your footsetps. ;)

  40. tommy says:

    Hey Gene,

    But I said they did a good job on my carpets. I know they called me, but at least they were polite on the phone. The call I really hate are those automated calls playing recordings. There are a lot of websites that sell that service to these jerks…….i think we should turn those companies in for knowingly selling a service to people that break the law.
    I have an attorney friend that would like to know of any phone numbers of companies that use those recorded message things. He told me that i should just play along with them and make appointments etc. and get their real phone number so that later we can screw them all.

  41. Gene says:

    Weren’t you called by one of “those automated calls playing recordings” that say press a number to talk with someone or another number to “be removed from their list.” Sure they are polite on the phone once they have a fish on the line. Press them for a verifiable company name, address or number you can call them back on. I use the line “someone’s at my door” or “I in the middle of something. Can I call you back?” If you ask too many questions they’ll hang up. They know they are breaking the law. And you can sue them in small claims court for each time they call you. The trick is finding out who they are. Honest folks will let you call them back.

    Tommy, you let strangers into your house. You are lucky nothing happened. If something is missing or broken you have no way to get back to them. I’ll bet they are not bonded either.

  42. Greg says:

    Here is something you can do:

    Download some free phone software called Phonetray Free. If you have a landline and a PC, and caller ID it will work great. After someone calls once, if the number shows up, you have the software answer and ZAP the caller with one of several messages like “This number has been disconnected”, then it will hang up on them.

    (It will not work if the number does not show up though.) Otherwise it works very well and there is a voice that announces the Caller ID name and number. The link is

  43. tommy says:

    Hey Gene,

    I forgot to mention, that call from 909-237-0077 was not an automated message asking me to press some stupid number on my phone. Its a live person, I think the other blogger had them mistaken for the other guys. I ended up calling them back up and they faxed over their insurance policy and everything. They sent me over a couple testimonials from high schools and the crystal cathedral in orange county. But I do agree, lets go after those message machine tyhpe people.

  44. h.scott says:

    arlington texas

  45. Mark Lester Chavez says:


    I was browsing over the web and found this forum.

    To SAM HATES CARPETS, I would like to let you know that we thoroughly RESPECT the request of our customers to be removed from our telemarketing list should they request it. All our leads/customer listings ARE scrubbed against DNC listing and are DNC compliant.

    We apologize if you did not like being called about cleaning your carpets. But for sure, we cannot deny that majority of those customers who had their carpets cleaned by us HAVE BEEN MORE THAN SATISFIED customers and were very happy.

    TELEMARKETING has been a part of the marketing and sales strategy of ALL companies INCLUDING Fortune 500 companies in the United States. None of our telemarketers are rude to customers because we immediately terminate/remove agents that are rude to our beloved customers.

    My number 909-237-0077 IS NOT AN AUTOMATED MACHINE, Im the one who answers that phone and I have never been rude to anyone who calls me and request to be removed from our list.

    Also, WE ARE FULLY AWARE that IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE recordings to call people. Why would we use a recording when we have the best people on the phone to give our customers a personal touch? We can speak english and are damn good speaking it.

    Also, our technicians comes with their IDs and are wearing uniforms.

    So, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience you have felt. BUT we also would like to say that NONE of whatever you are saying here, places us in a situation that we have violated any customer.. other than the violation of making them satisfied with our services.

  46. Mike says:

    Unfortunately, telemarketing is a big part of the carpet cleaning industry for larger companies. They keep doing it because it works. As annoying as it may be, it is here to say. Just hang up and be done with it.

  47. Tara says:

    why dont you just file a complaint with the FTC you know they can hold you liable for the invoice amount (food for thought) You may wanna check with the Do not call list if you are on it people will get a recorded message saying if this is a telemarketer hang up now if not press 1 to get through I think it is one but anyways chances are you arent on it being asked to be taken off one persons call list does not put you on the national do not call list

  48. lee says:

    Tara, 2 items:

    1) Read my post and the comments. It answers all of your questions, I think… but I’m not sure… which brings us to point number 2

    2) use punctuation

  49. Sara says:

    Wow! What a story. :D

  50. Scott says:

    I’ve just started getting calls from something that start with “This is Scott with the Carpet cleaners, don’t hang up.” In Arizona it’s illegal for them to call with a automated message without prior authorization. No option to talk to a real person was provided during the call just an option to leave a name address and callback number. So I’ve decided that the next time they call I’m going to leave them the name, address and phone number for the attorney general of my state.

    Hopefully that will get them to stop calling.

  51. Marietta says:

    I owned a carpet cleaning company. Gush!!! I never ever treat my customer’s like what that guy do. It is simple, if the customer don’t like our service or they are out of budget so be it. I not forcing any of them to keep on availing our service and don’t even like the services. That video really aware all carpet cleaning companies owner and staff. Thanks for the post and video.

  52. xtreme says:

    I’m with X-Treme Carpet Cleaning i do a little phone sales i don’t like to but to promote my business its very cost effective.
    I am registered with do-not-call-list and i do make sure anyone I call is not registered. I don’t have a pick up truck i have a nice white van but any how there are good company’s out there then theirs the ones in the video. Ask if they are IICRC certified if you are interested.

    thanks David

  53. Mike From Carpet Cleaning Liverpool says:

    Wow! That must of been really frustrating for you. We dont get that sort of thing over here in there UK. Good on you for making this video though. Im sure something can be done regarding the assault claims, the way he approached you with intention to cause trouble is enough. Not to mention the verbal threat either.

    Good luck with it all, and may you please keep us posted? I would love to see the outcome of this drama.

  54. David says:

    makes carpet cleaners look bad. People say 1 bad experience and that person could tell 100 people about it. Then when they have a good experience they may tell 10 people about it.

  55. Jet Expre Carpet Cleaning says:

    I don’t know how much good that did. The actual cleaners have nothing to do with making the calls. You should report them to the BBB or something.

  56. lee says:

    Jet Expre ss, that’s a reasonable thought. However, that isn’t practical here.

    The general purpose of the Better Business Bureau is for consumers to call and find out if a business is reputable or not. No one is going to call the BBB and ask if this carpet cleaner is reputable because they went to great lengths to hide the name of the company. They also went to great lengths to hide the telephone number they were calling from. They were essentially spammers, anonymous unless I wanted to buy their service.

  57. Gene says:

    The past 2 nights I got a robo-call from the same company. When I scheduled an appointment she told me the company is Sierra All Fresh carpet cleaning and gave me a call back number=> (916) 825-1081. Google shows this number belongs to Sierra All Natural Carpet Cleaning. I can’t find either company with the CA Secretary of State.

    You would think they would put me on their do not call list because I have done this to them before. I made an appointment and I have no intention of letting them into my house. I wonder how many times I can get them to come out before they stop calling me. :D

  58. Jack Fortin says:

    Just get your own home steam cleaner. Very economical and all they use is water (and a little electricity).

  59. Gene says:

    I’m beginning to feel bad for the workers that actually show up at my house. They don’t work for the telemarketing company. They are just getting referrals and send the telemarketers a kickback. The last man who showed actually had his own business. He would under no circumstances give out contact information about the telemarketers. He was told not to. They know they are breaking the law. He seemed like a nice guy so I kept his card for when I need my carpets cleaned.

    The “Sierra Carpet Cleaners” sent me a thank you note with an 800 number. If I can trace that number back to the real company I can take them to small claims court and collect cash for breaking the do not call law.

  60. telemarketing says:

    This is an interesting post – can understand why you did what you did. In a way it is one of those funny situations – abeit annoying for you (so not laughing at you).
    You can kind of understand why the guy got annoyed – as he was probably a subbie that was contracted the enquiry?
    Definitely annoying as you did try to get taken off their list and had to resort to other methods.
    Good post though.

  61. Knox vile cleaning services says:

    Telemarketers are also people. They also get frustrated. If you are a business owner, you would do anything to make your customers happy. But sometimes, they just overdo it.

  62. Nick says:

    Reminds me of the telemarketer prankster that asked, when a carpet cleaning company called him, “can you get blood out of a carpet? I mean a lot of blood!”

    He strung them out for a long time talking in a nervous, panicky voice that implied that there was something terribly wrong…

  63. lee says:

    I got a call this past week from another carpet cleaning telemarketer. It was extremely liberating to immediately reply, “Why yes, I would like my carpets cleaned!” I gave them a fictitious name and nearby fictitious address. They were supposed to clean my carpets this past Thursday.I was really disappointed that they never called to whine at me, saying they couldn’t find the place. I think I know the mistake I made though. I told them I lived in a single family home but an internet search will tell you the address I gave is an apartment building. I won’t make that mistake again.

  64. Nicole says:

    I am disappointed that someone would order a service they did not require and then tape a poor bloke trying to do his work. You might be a smart guy and maybe even a nice guy but you really did a douche bag thing! I get unsolicated calls or the time and my business is on the no call list I just tell them NO and hang up. To continually book appointments and waste not only the telemarketing companies time but the carpet cleaners time as well. I see that blog was from a couple of years ago here’s hoping you’ve grown up since then.

    Good luck with that

  65. lee says:

    Nicole writes:
    >I get unsolicated calls or the time and my business is on the no
    >call list I just tell them NO and hang up.

    I don’t get such calls. And I don’t have to use angry, all-caps words in my comments or life (win-win!). :-)

    >To continually book appointments and waste not only the telemarketing companies time but
    >the carpet cleaners time as well. I see that blog was from a couple of years ago

    Who has wasted more time in the last few years, me: who hasn’t gotten a gotten a carpet call in 3 years, or you: who is continually yelling at your phone?

    >here’s hoping you’ve grown up since then.

    Sorry but nope!

  66. lee says:

    I got a comment from Lucian C. I wanted to share with you all:

    I’ve spent some time reading your blog, and what a fine blog it is.

    I have a note regarding the telemarketers, I hate them as much as the next guy.. but I have found this device that so far worked for me.

    Yes, I realize this sounds like a telemarketer email, but so far this thing worked for me, probably because they have to take some action to get “connected” to my phone and that deters them somehow.

    Anyway, I’ve read a lot and tried to find such an “automated” phone line “protection” and this is what I’ve found, “telebouncer“, about 100 bucks plus shipping.. :

    So far there is just one annoying issue, in order to get the phone call display, it has to ring once, to register the name..

    But other than that is seems to work, it worked for me in the last few month, never got a telemarketer call. Never.. that is funny but yes. Also probably a few legitimate calls got dropped, but this is the price to pay. They need to press 1 to be “connected” to my line..

    I am not working for this company.. nor do I have anything to do with them, except I’ve searched and read a lot about devices like that and I bought one of these and it seems to work so far for me.

    Re. the carpet cleaning guys, good job! Of course, I realize the anxiety that this might have caused you, but in some regards I always thought I’d do the same for some of these guys.. just never actually found the nerve or determination enough to do it.

    Best Regards,

  67. lee says:

    TeleBouncer looks like a good idea for ridding one’s self of “industrial strength” telemarketing campaigns. I just read a review on Amazon where the guy was getting 10 calls/day; that is a whole other level that my minor vigilantism can’t deal with!


  68. lee says:

    Since the majority of comments on this post are increasingly well written spams, that I have manually de-linked, I’m going to close comments. I don’t want to log on one day and find Shakespeare bested by a carpet cleaning marketer, do I?!

  69. Ed says:

    Just read through some of the comments (and all of yours), and all I can say is thank God I don’t get these kinds of calls, probably because I don’t have a landline. I’d also like to say thanks for brightening my day.

    However, I have noticed that I’ve been getting a lot of “wrong number” calls recently ever since I switched service from AT&T to Verizon…

    Are you still getting these calls?

  70. Jake says:

    I get these calls all the time. I also get “ADT Security” telemarketing calls. I’ve contacted ADT and they say they are not affiliated. I’ve got audio recordings of some of these.

    I suspect there are a handful of these companies and they are very large organizations. I also suspect, because they use such evasive tactics, that they are also evading tax and most other other business laws.

    Email address on the back of the truck: That’s the worst business/marketing email address I’ve ever seen!

  71. Jake says:

    By the way, where is all their carpet cleaning equipment? 2 jugs of soap and a bucket do not make for a legitimate carpet cleaning company. Major red flag. I think these guys might me casing for valuables.

    Go to Google images and search for “carpet cleaning truck” to see what I mean. Carpet cleaning equipment is very large and I see none in their truck.

    This might be a huge organized crime ring. I’ll bet the same call centers are involved with other scams like credit card and identity theft.

  72. lee says:

    You’re totally right, they had no actual carpet cleaning equipment in their truck!

  73. John says:

    I’m getting 2 of these every day, have for years, through all attempts to delist and report to the registry.
    Today, I pressed 1 to talk to the live person and told them I have been reporting them. She said “And how’s that working out for you?” I said I’d be taking it to the next level. She said “Good luck with that” and hung up.

    I will be setting up appointments from now on and giving our local police department as the address.

    While some have been saying the carpet cleaners who contract the jobs aren’t the ones breaking the law, they know they are using an illegal service to get the leads. They are complicit in the crime. No sympathy here.

  74. lee says:

    Hurray for you! I hope your road to a sane telephone is a swift one!

    You absolutely have to come back and tell us how it went in a month or two!

  75. lee says:

    I’ve started getting carpet robots calling me again. So I hired them to clean my rugs again. We’ll see how it goes.

  76. Gene says:

    I am aware of 2 “services” using the robo-call technique. One is “The Carpet Cleaning Company” whom I set up a fake appointment with laast week. Their number is (916) 234-9398 but it’s always ansered by a machine. Their paperwork and one of their shirts said “Carpet Cleaning” on it.

    The other has “Sierra” in the name but they sub-contract the actual work out. Neither company is listed with the Secretary of the State which is also illegal.

  77. bob says:

    Nice work

  78. Dana says:

    Hey guess what, it’s 2013 and they are still doing it. I set up an appt EVERY time they call using the bank owned property address across the street from me. I have asked and asked to be removed from their list. To date, they have come out 7 times to the address. You would think they would get the message by now. If they can’t even realize that they are coming to a bogus address 7 times, how do you expect them to remove your phone number from their calling list. I must say, it’s a little bit of entertainment for this stay home mom. Never been the same person twice. Their own fault if you ask me!! And I do make a report to to Do Not Call violation most every time they call. Next on the list is the damn air duct cleaning and the home inspectors to see if we qualify for solar!!!

  79. Glenn I says:

    Maybe I’ll start setting up fake appointments. Spam calls are easily the majority of the calls we get.

  80. Sam says:


    Robo Caller number – 702-754-4577

    File a complaint with the FCC. The more complaints they get, the sooner it will stop. Here is the link to file online and it take just a few minutes. Be sure to include their REAL contact information.

    Post a Review about ABC Cleaning Service (America’s Best Carpet) on YELP and everywhere else you can think of.

    Online research locates them working from here:
    ABC Cleaning Service (America’s Best Carpet)
    IQI Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance
    3140 Polaris Ave #42 Las Vegas NV 89102 REAL NUMBER (702) 539-3817

    3140 Polaris Ave #42
    Las Vegas, NV 89102
    ***Real Number (702) 290-2578
    Robo Caller Number (702) 754 4577

    Here is their REAL contact name and phone number
    Carpet Cleaning Technicians (Las Vegas)
    Americas Best Carpet and Upholstery cleaning service is looking for EXPERIENCED TECHS.$$$$$$$$$$$ Earn up to 1000.00 +++++ per week, High Volume company ( more jobs than you can handle ) seeking anyone that has there own vehicle and equipment. Top commissions paid. Must have experience, Highest top commissions paid.
    please call 702 290-2578 Ask for John / George Full time/Part time available. Call / Text

    Report to City of Las Vegas, Clark County, Henderson and Boulder City… Business Licensing Departments.

    Block number on your phone.

    I’ve heard people like to book appointments at random locations from a blocked number or pay phone.

    I actually tell CONTRACTOR TELEMARKETERS that I would LOVE to have them come out and I’ll discuss more with the person who shows up. If they won’t relent, tell them to have a manager call them back. They’ll likely call from a non SPOOFED / FAKE Caller ID. When the new person calls to “rectify the situation” or complete an appointment, ASK IF YOU CAN CALL THEM BACK since you are now busy. After confirming a working number, … THEN, report them to You can use both the faked and real number in the report. It is my understanding that when the FTC catches up to these people, it is between $10,000.00 and $25K PER VERIFIED COMPLAINT CALL. This really takes the incentive and malicious steam out of their EVIL engines and wallet.

    Add your own complaint to BBB here … -vegas-nv-73517

    ***Also, rate and review using online social REVIEW SERVICES, like and hit them where it hurts


    * Here is a link to a few you can add report to now:

    Be as persistent with shutting them down with above info and getting them fined as they have persistently been at HARASSING you!

  81. Richard says:

    I had been barraged with calls from the infamous “Diane” from “Carpet Care” for weeks. There would be a lull for a few months, then the calls would resume. To make a long story short, I eventually made contact with this particular caller a year ago. I made arrangement to have three rooms in my “home” cleaned for $49.99. The address that I gave was to vacant rental property three houses down from mine. I provided a fictitious name to the caller from “Carpet Care” and gave them the address to the vacant rental property. The caller gave me a day and time when one of the “techs” would be out to perform the job. I was ready and spotted an unfamiliar, unmarked, white Chevy Express coming up my street slowly. The van circled around and went up and down my street slowly twice more. The van stopped at the vacant property and two Hispanic men were looking in the windows of the vacant home. I called the sheriffs department and they responded, arriviing at the scene within five minutes. I watched as the sheriff was questioning the supposed carpet cleaners. Five minutes later two more squad cars arrived! To make a long story short, after about twenty minutes one of the guys was handcuffed and escorted into the sheriff’s patrol car! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Holy smokes! It was as though I had orchestrated a sting operation. I felt very smug after the insident. It turns out that one of the Hispanic men, that was really a carpet cleaner, had two outstanding warrants out against him! Ironically I kept receiving calls from “Carpet Care” for the next two weeks. Then the calls ceased. I’d like to think that maybe the authorities busted whomever was behind this phony front.

  82. FeralReason says:

    Great job of tracking these guys down! I just got a call from them. As usual – no phone number comes up on my caller ID. We have NOMOROBO but they can’t block an inbound number if they don’t have the number (although I believe there are devices that can be set up to block “Out of Area” “Private Caller” types of numbers.)

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