Why Cell Phones Kill Gorillas

At Burning Man, under the man there were a couple preachy signs. Here’s my favorite.cell-phones-kill-gorrillas.jpg

Sorry it’s hard to read. I lost my digital camera at the Albertsons in El Cerrito on my way to Burning Man so all I had was my emergency film camera.

polar-bears.jpgThe jist is:

There’s this chemical used to make cell phones that’s only found in the Congo. People mine it and the civil war kills the gorillas. And they’re tasty. Or something like that.

Read it for yourself.

Oh and we’re killing the polar bears because they have all our oil, not because they’re tasty.

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  1. lee says:

    Update: remember Coltan, that evil stuff mined in the Congo that’s killing the gorillas? It is used to make tantalum capacitors, a component used in pretty much every electronic product you might ever buy or use… tvs, internets, computers, pacemakers, the machine that goes ‘ping’. So the best way to avoid killing gorillas is… umm… to go kill yourself.

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