Megan’s New e-Bike!

Megan got an eBike last month and she’s loving it! Here’s some pix and such.

2023 Tern Quick Haul D8 Cargo Bike
Color: Tabasco (Orange) /Silver
Serial: LM22T50301
Manufacturer’s service tag: THR3D008
Vehicle type: Cargo Bike (rear Storage)
Manufacturer: Tern
Model: Quick Haul D8
Year: 2023
Primary colors: Orange
Seat tube length: 18in
Wheel diameter: 20in
Frame Material: Aluminum

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Orange with silver trim e-bike with cargo space/captain’s chair on back, stirrups and handlebar for rear rider. Front and rear fenders. Abus folding lock on downtube.

She got a captain’s chair in the back so Abigail could ride along.
400Wh battery
250 watt motor
Max speed assist: 20/28 mph (depending on whether it’s configured to be a Class 1 or Class 3 pedal assist bike. I think it’s a Class 1)
Ebike weight: 45 lbs
Max rider weight: 265 lbs
Max weight on rear rack: 110 lbs
Max gross vehicle weight: 330 lbs

Warranty: 10 years on frame, handleposts, forks. 1 year on Tern or Biologic parts

We registered at and in case it was ever stolen.

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